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Applying the Law of Attraction

By Aaron M. Potts

Question: "I've heard a lot of people talking about the law of attraction lately and it seems like an easy and cheap way to make some improvements in my life. It all seems too good to be true, though. With motivational speakers and other professionals charging hundreds or thousands of dollars for their teachings, how is it possible that I can make improvements in my life just by thinking about it?" –Kim, San Jose, CA

Kim, part of your answer comes from an inappropriate belief that most people have about the cost of something vs. the value of that thing. Although it is true that some things that are expensive are worth every penny that you pay for them, that does not mean that just because something is expensive that it is valuable. On the flip side, just because you don't spend a lot of money for something does not mean that you can't find incredible value in it.

Consider the example of someone giving you some good advice. Have you ever heard or read words from someone else that just "hit you over the head" and made you realize that there was a much better way to handle a situation in your life? You were amazed at how by simply taking someone's advice or by reading a valuable nugget from a good book that an important shift in your awareness was now underway and your life would never be the same after that.

Now ask yourself how much did that advice cost? If you got it from a person, then it was probably free. If you got it out of a book, then how much was the book? $20-$25? The take away message is that equating the cost of something to the actual value of that thing is simply not a good idea. YOU should decide how much value something has based on what you get out of it, not by how much it costs.

Also, when considering the value of a self-improvement or lifestyle improvement program or product, think of what you are actually going to get out of it. If the experience and the education can literally allow you to recreate your life into your version of "perfect", then it is probably worth the price that you are going to pay for it. However, whether the cost is $10 or $1,000, if you don't apply what you have learned, then that money was partially or completely wasted.

Knowledge is not power. The proper APPLICATION of that knowledge is where the power comes from. No matter how much you spend - or don't spend - on improving your life, if you don't apply what you have learned, then you will not make any improvements.

The beauty behind the Law of Attraction is that you are not given a "kit" or a "system" that will magically enhance your life. Instead, you use a mind-set that will literally attract everything that you want into your life. The cost of learning about the Law of Attraction could be anything from a free article on the Internet to a weekend spent in some exotic location with James Arthur Ray or Bob Proctor.

How you decide to learn about the Law of Attraction is entirely up to you, but again, the moral of the story is not the cost of the product or program, but whether or not you apply the principles that you are taught. A logical approach would be to simply do some research, and then decide for yourself if you think that any of the Law of Attraction products and programs are appropriate for you.

You can read through the newsletter archive here on the site for many articles about the Law of Attraction, you can do plenty of research on the Internet, or you could simply start with a free or low-cost product, and then decide if the potential opportunity represented by some of the other products or programs is even necessary.

One thing is certain, regardless of which method you decide to use in order to learn about the Law of Attraction: it works! If I may be so bold as to quote the amazing Dr. Michael Beckwith, I'll close with this quote: "If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That's the truth."

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