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Plant a Tree (Or, How to Grow Your Life with the Law of Attraction)

By Aaron Potts

If you were a tree, then the Universal power of the Law of Attraction would give you exactly what you needed so that you could grow to your absolute fullest potential. When you realize that you and a tree are made up of exactly the same thing, it suddenly becomes apparent that we could all take a good lesson on personal achievement by learning how trees grow!

There is a common - although incorrect - belief that the only way to get anywhere in the world is to work hard. There is certainly nothing wrong with hard work, but it is hardly the "end all, be all" of success and happiness.

Rather than applying mindless hard work to any task that you want to accomplish in life, why not take a look at the way that the power of the Universe is expressed in Nature, and consider the method that is used there?

Consider the planting of a tree. Once you plant a sapling in the ground, what is required to ensure that the tree grows to health and vitality? If you work feverishly at planting that sapling, do you think that it has any more or any less chance of survival because you broke a sweat when you planted it? Of course not! Though if you have little idea, it may help if you get an expert in trees from Evansville to advise you.

What matters is that you planted it properly. The hole that you dug was the proper width and depth. The soil was appropriate for that type of tree. You packed the dirt in around the sapling firmly, but not too firmly. You might have even poured some water around the area to give the sapling its first chance to soak up moisture through the roots.

How hard you worked when you did all of those things means absolutely nothing to the survival of that tree. That you did those things properly will now come into play. Once you have taken the proper steps to get that sapling in the ground, Universal power takes over and that sapling does exactly what it is programmed to do - to grow. It simply follows the code of its design and starts to slowly - but very surely - grow into an adult tree.

Barring any catastrophic environmental factors or injury to the sapling itself, it will become a full-grown tree at exactly the same rate of speed that it would have grown anyway; regardless of how hard you worked when you were planting it. This is an incredible lesson that Nature has given us, and you should apply this lesson to your own life so that you can grow to your maximum level of happiness and success.

The power of the Universe applies exactly the same effort to your personal growth as it does to the growth of that tree. Regardless of whether you are working feverishly hard to improve your life, or if you are sitting in meditation for hours each day in order to find peace and happiness, the Universe will give you exactly the same consideration.

The reason for this is because of the Law of Attraction. The Universe does not understand or care how "hard" you are working or not working. All that is acted upon is whether or not you are sending out positive or negative vibrations which are created as a result of how you feel.

Since your body - just like the tree, and just like everything else in the universe - is made up of a constantly vibrating energy field, then the way that you vibrate creates the reality that the Universe provides for you. If you spend most of your time feeling happy, then the Universe will bring more positively vibrating things into your life, causing you to be even happier. On the other hand, if you spend your life worrying, full of stress, immersed in sadness, anger, or other negativity, then the Universe will just as dutifully bring you more of that as well.

The similarity between you and the tree that you need to understand is that the Universe does not apply any more - or any less - effort to what you "ask" for with your vibrations, even if you work very, very hard when you are asking.

In fact, depending on how "working hard" makes you feel, you could actually be causing yourself more harm than good! If working hard makes you feel great, and you look forward to the sense of accomplishment, then there are times when you should go right ahead and work just as hard as you want to.

On the other hand, if by working hard you are causing yourself to become stressed, over-tired, irritable, quarrelsome, angry, or frustrated, then your "hard work" is causing the Universe to simply bring you more of the things that caused you to feel those negative emotions in the first place!

The bottom line is this: The Universal power of the Law of Attraction will apply the same timeless and limitless effort to your "requests" every minute of every day for your entire life. You make those requests with your attitude about life and with your feelings.

Whether or not you work hard at making those requests is irrelevant to the Law of Attraction. All that matters is the type of requests that you are making. Keep a positive attitude, smile and laugh often, show Gratitude on a daily basis, and know that the Universe - through the Law of Attraction - will bring you more reasons to keep on doing each and every one of those things!

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