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The Law Of Attraction - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

By Bruce Muzik

I've been doing some Google research on "universal laws" this morning and I was interested to discover how much total BS is being touted as the truth on the Internet. In this article, I'm going to reveal an incorrect myth about the Law of Attraction and we'll look at how long it should take before you actually see results.

Have you noticed that the phrases The Secret and the Law of Attraction have become interchangeable since the launch of the movie 'The Secret' in March 2006? At the time The Secret was released, I was leading seminars about using the Law of Attraction, so you can imagine how excited I was about the potential impact that this movie could have on the world. Here was a mainstream movie that was teaching principles that I had been studying and sharing for 12 years. Now, several years on, the impact of the movie has been enormous, mostly positive, but also negative.

On the up side, The Secret has opened millions of minds to what was previously an 'underground teaching' followed mostly the new-age movement. Better still, it inspired people to try out visualization techniques and dream bigger, which can only be a good thing. Many friends of mine will testify that the movie changed their lives... However, everything, including The Secret, has a flip side - a negative to balance out the positive. So, let's look at the flipside of the rise to fame of The Secret, and you'll notice some powerful lessons emerging... Most notably, thousands of people are left wondering why they are still battling to manifest more than just empty parking spaces using the Law of Attraction. How do I know this? Because one of the most commonly asked questions I receive about the Law of Attraction is, "How long does it take to see results?"

The very nature of this question reveals a faulty belief system that does not support success. You see, if someone asks you "How long does it take to see results with the Law of Attraction?" they obviously believe that their results are a product of some force outside of themselves, not a product of their own efforts.

Usually people asking this question are secretly hoping that the Law of Attraction will magically manifest their success for them without them having to actually do anything outside their comfort zone. They want results from the Law of Attraction, yet they are not willing to actually DO anything to get those results. They want their brand new red Ferrari to be given to them by 'the genie' in the sky somewhere!

Let me ask you a question... Do you know ANYONE who you would consider super-successful, who became successful by sitting at home wishing for success? Of course not! Sadly, if not properly educated about how the Law of Attraction really works, the 'genie worshippers' either end up blaming themselves for their perceived failure or writing off the Law of Attraction altogether - neither of which moves them forward in life.

OK, OK, I know I'm getting all fired up! I'm fed up of all the lies being spread on the Internet about how the Law of Attraction will somehow, magically solve all your problems. To answer the question of how long it will take before you see results, it totally depends on the belief system of the person. I've noticed that when I program my mind, it takes between 1 day and 3 months to get what I want... You too can program your mind with your goal using the Relaxation For Manifestation program.

So here's how I know it to work (from experience rather than theory)... The Law of Attraction brings opportunities, not end results. YOU need to ACT on those opportunities in order to get the results you want. The Law of Attraction only really kicks in when you begin taking decisive ACTION in the world.

It's called co-creation. You take action and 'show the Universe that you mean business' and the Universe then responds (through cause and effect) with the right opportunities to move you towards your goals fast.

Visualization plays two important roles in getting results with the Law Of Attraction.

  1. It reprograms your belief systems so that you go out into the world and actually take the action, instead of procrastinating and worrying about failing.
  2. Visualization activates the 'observer effect' - a Quantum Physics term to describe what happens to subatomic particles (the things that make up the Universe) when we watch them. Simply put, the Observer Effect plays a huge role in the process of attraction, which is why visualization is such a powerful tool. If you are not doing it, you're missing out.
The take away here is that if you VISUALIZE regularly and take ACTION, you'll begin attracting more and moving forwards quickly. As you continue, you'll gain momentum and before long you'll be a lot closer to your goals than where you are now.

Yes, I have oversimplified this process and yes, there are a lot more factors involved in effortlessly manifesting your dreams, but if you can just get these two habits in place (regular visualization and taking action), you'll fly leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack. The most fun and effective way I've found to do just this is to use the Relaxation For Manifestation program.

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