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Monday Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

Successful people have some things in common, and these things start with their basic routine and go as far as business plans, strategies, and mindsets.

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Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Successful people believe in waking up early. In an interview with Michelle Obama, she once explained that people do so because they want to spend some time on their own. Early morning is probably the one and only time when nobody else is up, and people get to spend some time with themselves, listening to their own bodies, wondering about their own goals in life, and doing what is important to them.

Rising early gives them plenty of time to schedule and prepare for all their awaited tasks. It is that time of the day when you are most productive because you have just had a good night's sleep, and you are most receptive to new ideas and brainstorm solutions. While successful people spend a great deal of their early morning doing the most critical tasks, unfortunately, a majority of ordinary people spend this time scrolling their Instagram feed or catching up on what they missed out during their sleep, i.e., WhatsApp messages, unattended calls, and mundane notifications.

Eat Healthily

Keeping your body fit and healthy is one of the critical requirements for a sustainable lifestyle. People high on junk food full of carbs are undoubtedly prone to feel lethargic and get less done than people who eat a balanced diet.

Carbohydrates are an essential requirement for your biological makeup. However, excess carbohydrates lead to the accumulation of fat in the body, and then, of course, excess of fat in the body makes you feel more hot, tired, and exhausted after a short time.

Successful people start their day with a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins. John Mackey, who is the founder of Whole Foods Market, drinks a green smoothie every day for breakfast. He puts spinach high in vitamin E and essential minerals, almonds, oats high in fiber, and milk (high in calcium).

Cheryl Batchelder, the owner of Popeyes, a fast-food restaurant company, eats scrambled eggs or a healthy bowl of oatmeal for her breakfast. Despite owning a great fast-food chain in the US, she believes in a healthy start of the day and remaining fit. She claims that her breakfast is what brings her to work every day and keeps her active throughout the week. As for the weekend, she allows herself to eat a bit of junk.

Workout for Short Periods

While food gives you the essential components to stay fit and regulate metabolism, exercising for brief periods in the morning helps circulate the oxygen in the body and does not make you feel heavy after a good breakfast.

Many iconic entrepreneurs claim that if they work out on a Monday morning, they feel more energetic for the rest of the day. Workout does not have to be extremely consuming; all they do is move their body to get flexible and run. For fifteen minutes, a little bit of stretching, cardio, and cool-down exercise works the best.


Meditation is the mental exercise that helps you envision success and get motivated about the week. Meditating for fifteen minutes per day allows you to quieten the mind, clear the clutter, and organize your thoughts. It involves breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that aim to promote harmony within one's body.

There are many kinds of meditation, and what one chooses to do is what entirely works for them. Guided meditation is a technique successful people use to manage their emotions and not get overwhelmed. It is the perfect way as you are taught by the instructor as to what you should be doing and how you should do it. It allows you to gather all your thoughts deeper, organize them, and then decide what to take charge of.

In guided mediation, you are advised to take conscious note of all the involuntary mechanisms running inside you. You consciously pay attention to every breath, every vein, and soon enough, you reach a point where you can consciously feel the blood rushing inside your veins. This happens only because we focus on what is inside us, contrary to what exists around us.

As a result, people report feeling content, joyful, and passionate in their everyday lives. As for the entrepreneurs, this is what gets them pumped up to lead and excel in their domains.

Get Motivated

After a weekend full of family responsibilities and unwinding themselves, Monday morning is the time to get recharged again for a week full of decision-making and hard work. Successful people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama are famous for kick-starting their week by listening to a motivational speaker, watching a motivational video, or reading a few pages of entrepreneurship bestseller books.

It has been psychologically proven that when you watch something stimulating like a motivational video, your brain forms neural connections that help you connect those examples to yourself. This continuous cycle of external stimulation and the internal cognitive connections results in a structured path to motivate yourself and hence, keep you active throughout the week.


Successful people are known for taking charge of themselves and all the external influences that may have an influence on them. Perhaps one of their biggest strengths distinguishes them from ordinary people. They establish control over their day-to-day chores and do not let life pass them by. They know where their own attention is required and what tasks they can delegate to other responsible employees. This helps them prioritize their responsibilities and not get confused amidst the continuous inflow of work that needs to be done daily.

Rising early, eating healthy, and working out are some of the few ways that help them stay grounded and prepared for the week ahead of them.

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