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Do You Possess the Three
Elements of Success?

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By Monty McVilly

As the philosopher once said, “Life is just one damned thing after another.” But for some, that procession of one thing to another leads to success, and for others, that same procession leads to dissatisfaction and feelings of failure. Why do some succeed and others fail? More importantly, how can you be one who succeeds?

Well let me ask you this: “Who is the most important person in the world?” Say, “I am.” Your success starts here, inside your head, with how you see yourself and your worth. But that's just the start.

In this article, I am going to share with you three of the most crucial elements you must internalize and express in your daily life to be successful. And when I say successful, make no mistake. I mean successful in all things, because true success does not stay contained within one area of your life. Integrate what I’m about to teach you into your daily activities and I guarantee you that success will come, and it will envelop you entirely. How do I know this? Because these three elements are not quick fix strategies or emotional band-aids designed to hide your wounds they involve hard work and dedication, and they are the three elements consistently proven effective by scientific research, interviews with the world’s most successful people, and my consistent life experience.

What is the Most Important Part of This Article?

The most important part of this article is what you do afterwards. It’s not what I write, its not what you read, it’s not how excited or empowered you feel as you learn these three elements. The only thing that matters is what you do after you read this. I’m going to give you a simple truth:

He who acts the fastest has the best chance of winning.

Napoleon Hill, famed author of “Think and Grow Rich,” spent his life researching five hundred of the most successful people in America, and he found that there existed only one identifiable characteristic that each of them shared: Action Orientation. This leads us to the first of the Three Crucial Elements:

1. Proactivity

Would people consider you ambitious? Do you take the initiative in a situation? If so, you possess the first element of success: Proactivity. The difference between proactive people and reactive people is astronomical. Proactive people experience a 5000% difference in their results as opposed to reactive people. Why is this? Because proactive people decide what they want, and then take the actions necessary to make it happen. Reactive people wait for a situation to occur, and then react to it, relinquishing any power or control they may have had over their life experiences.

The most important aspect of proactivity is to concentrate only on those things you can control. If you feel that your husband is retreating from you, don't set your goal at making him open up emotionally to you again, because you cannot control his behavior. Instead, set your goal at doing everything necessary to cause him to open up emotionally to you again.

2. Replication

Consider one of your major life goals, whether it deals with your career, love relationships, self-development, or health. Clearly picture your ideal realization of that goal and try to match that image to an actual person you know or know of. Approach that person and ask how he (or she) got to where he is and if hell give you advice. For example, if your goal is to have a closer, more fulfilling relationship with your husband, and you know of a woman at your church or office who has that sort of relationship with her husband, then ask her how she developed and maintains this relationship.

Finding mentors, and modeling yourself after someone who has succeeded at what you are trying to accomplish, is one of the most effective, quickest ways to succeed yourself. The law of cause and effect says that if you do exactly what another person does, you'll likely achieve the same result. However, be careful to only model yourself after those successful people who also embody and represent your same values and sense of self.

3. Solution Orientation

Our natural gravity is to talk about our problems. We dwell on what's wrong with our life, whos at fault, whether its us or someone else. But successful people don't do that. Does that mean they don't have problems? No, they just stop themselves and say, “There’s no future in talking about things that have already happened and cannot be changed.” Instead of concentrating on the problem, to be successful at whatever you choose to do, you have to focus on the solution. Stop asking Why, and start asking How. “How can I solve this? How can I learn from this? How do I get to the next step?”

’How’ necessitates that you move forward. ‘Why’ allows you to remain stagnant, philosophizing how you got to where you’re at and why you don’t like it, but not how to get out of it and on to something greater. Asking ‘How’ also allows you to take ownership of your actions and therefore your future. As the famed success and business coach, Brian Tracy says, “Don’t go through the revolving door of life on someone else’s push.”

I would also like to say a special thanks to the team at Best Canister Vacuum, which helped in the creation of this article.

You now know the three most crucial elements for success. But knowing is only the first step. Don't forget the most important part of this article:

It's the actions you take because of it!

Authors bio: Monty McVilly is a professional writer, blogger and just a good guy. After graduating from college, he realized that he wanted to write. And now 5 years have passed since the usual hobby began to bring pleasure, and became the work of life.
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