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The Power of Abundance

By Peggy McColl

I believe it was Paul Newman who said: "I've been rich and I've been poor, and rich is better." But is there really any power in abundance? I run a special workshop called "Propensity For Prosperity" and I will often say "prosperity or abundance is not only about money." Abundance is a feeling (or a state of being) and can be felt for many things... you can feel an abundance of love, an abundance of fulfilling relationships, an abundance of business, an abundance of energy, great health, choices, ideas, friendship, joy... Plain and simple: it's your choice if you want to feel abundance.

But for now, let's focus on the abundance of wealth. This seems to be an area that 97% of the population has a challenge with. I'd like to give you a few thoughts or beliefs that if you adopt, you'll have more abundance than you know what to do with. How does that sound to you?

But first, I didn't always know this. There was a time in my own life where I struggled from pay check to pay check and I allowed it to create sadness in my life. Therefore there wasn't only a lack of wealth, there was a lack of joy too. But I remember Bob Proctor saying to me many many years ago, "Don't cry over anything that won't cry over you." I figured he was talking about money. I allowed the power of debt to consume my life and I was full of fear.

Now what did that accomplish? More of the same. More of what I feared - more debt, more lack and more fear. One piled up on top of the other until it became like a vicious circle that just kept going around and around... until one day I said ENOUGH!

Now I've got to tell you it was more than just saying "enough" in the context of "enough already!" I was saying "enough" because I finally realized that there IS enough! There is enough of everything. I created a new belief... an abundance belief... I began to expand my present level thinking and noticed there was an abundance of everything, everywhere... including money. And, what you think about expands. More money began to expand in my life.

Here's a great little abundance exercise to do. Right where you are, just take 2 minutes and put reading this article on pause and start to notice what there is an abundance of. Look around the room. Write down what you believe there is an abundance of?

Did you do it? If you didn't, do it right now.

If you had a hard time doing the exercise that may determine whether you have a "lack" mentality or an "abundance" mentality.

I can see from where I am right now there is an abundance of air to breathe - more than enough. There is an abundance of ideas... opportunities... there's an abundance of joy, an abundance of laughter. There is an abundance of capacity for love. There's an abundance of petals on the flowers... blades of grass... light in the room... space in the area... food to eat... choices of what to eat... love in my heart... neighbors in the vicinity... and on and on we go.

Start to notice where there is abundance. Do this regularly. You'll begin to feel truly abundant. Abundance is nothing more than a state of mind. You don't have to have a ton of money around you to FEEL abundant. You can feel abundant in a moment - in the blink of an eye. When you do that (feel abundant) it is only a matter of time before you experience more abundance showing up in your life

Abundance gives you the power of freedom. Be abundant right now... feel what it feels like to be abundant. Feeling abundant will wipe out lack. Abundance is ever flowing. There IS enough.

The secret is to "act as if" you already are abundant. A more powerful thing for you to do to experience more abundance is to: cause another person to experience abundance. This works because you couldn't cause another person to feel abundance if you didn't have abundance. You might want to play that back one more time. You're not separate from abundance, only your thinking makes it so. Abundance hasn't been reserved for a select few - it's yours, it's available to you just like it is the next guy/girl.

Wayne Dyer taught me a powerful abundance statement, which is: "I attract success and abundance into my life because that is who I am." That is who you are too. You are abundance. Use that affirmation anytime you start to feel that old lack mentality creeping in.

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