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What's Our Legacy?

By Paul McCabe

Step back for a moment and examine our society. We're united by celebrity culture, instant gratification and short attention spans. We're encouraged to dream of overnight success and most of us are hungry for it, but we consistently resign ourselves to considerably less than best. However we measure it, success usually looks like someone else.

We believe that success is an accident of birth, or the random outcome of fate. So, it's luck that leads someone else to write a bestseller, enjoy stardom, build a new business or make millions. The strange thing is that, while we're all hungry for success in life, and we believe that we have a right to succeed, we just don't expect to. Most of us are happy to sit around pretending that we're OK without it. Worldwide, we seem to be waiting for ourselves to show up, passively hoping for a series of lucky breaks, pretending to ourselves that success is hiding around the next corner, waiting to present us with out pre-packaged future.

Is that what we're willing to accept? The good news is that success truly is around the next corner, but it's waiting for us to show up. We have to choose to make the turn. If we want to win the lottery, we have to buy a ticket. I've put this book together because it's time to get up and do something. Deep down, we're all hungry for success. If you accept only this, accept the reality of that continuous success hunger.

People who succeed do so because they know that progress wants to happen. They've stopped pretending that everything's OK and they're hungry for a new world. Successful people make the choice to succeed; it's as simple as that.

We've got to stop listening to all the dream-busting reasons why something can't be done. We've got to stop making lists of all the ideas we'd act on, if only we had the time. We've got to stop just wishing. We've got to stop just hoping. We've got to stop just praying. We're all full of untapped energy, potential energy that's stored with us, just wanting to happen. It's time to stop waiting for ourselves to show up because, WE'RE HERE, IT'S NOW, and there's no better time to choose to succeed.

The above article is from the Introduction to "Feed the Good Dog" by Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe's new book, Feed the Good Dog, is a call to action that's impossible to ignore. Paul shows us that we could all succeed, if we only knew how. Here's a book that will help you realize your dreams and live a life of abundance, following a fool-proof process that's as balanced as it is realistic and achievable.

Based on his own life journey, Paul McCabe identifies seven strategies that he knows to be critical to success. In this inspiring book you will discover how to fill the gap between dreams and reality with positive action and you will learn:

  • Why flying fish could change your attitude and your life.
  • How to define your dreams, your purpose and your goals.
  • Why it's so important to fail.
  • How to leave a footprint when you walk the planet.

"If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing"

You'll learn about the key ingredients of a purposeful life, and discover your true passion when you read Feed the Good Dog.The book is full of enriching quotes, and incorporates ingenious chapter summaries that capture the essence of Paul's motivational messages. With obvious respect for his readers, Paul offers advice that is equally insightful, accessible and actionable. Like a conversation with a great friend, Feed the Good Dog is infectiously engaging and entertaining. A must-read for anyone in search of courage, balance, awareness and purpose.

"Inside of me there are two dogs fighting. One is bad and negative.
The other is good and positive. The one that wins is the one I feed the most."

Paul McCabe challenges us to fill the common gap between dreams and reality with positive action. Your goal, should you accept it, is to Feed the Good Dog in you and make your life a masterpiece. This book shows and tells the way to do just that, by providing a fool-proof, seven-step process that will help you progress toward a life of greater achievement and fulfillment.

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