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5 Foolproof Methods to Manage Success
and Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

Success means different things to different people. Whether it’s bagging a degree, setting up a thriving business, attaining a referred position/social status or even reaching the zenith of your career, there’s just one common denomination between successful people and that is fulfillment.

The inner feeling that you were able to achieve your goals or surmount a hurdle to reach your destination is what brings about fulfillment. Therefore, in order to prevent this feeling from being short-lived, it becomes pertinent to manage your success properly.

We’ve heard stories of great sportsmen and women who lost their fame and fortune years after they were celebrated. We’ve also read stories of how successful businessmen went bankrupt and even committed suicide because their wealth diminished or their business collapsed.

If you look closely, you’d see that the commonality in all of these instances is the inability to manage success properly.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the 5 foolproof methods to help you manage your success and live your best life ever.

1. Do not forget your roots

Most people get carried away once they get a taste of success. Success comes with fame, wealth, and social status. You must be prepared to effectively manage all these so they don’t hinder your progress. Do not forget how you started and always remember the struggles you went through before attaining your present position.

In addition, you must always keep good company, seek counsel from the right people and never change your winning formula. Lastly, to ensure that you’re still on the right track, you must always make reference to your mission & vision statements and see if you’re still on course to fulfilling them.

2. Don’t stop being hungry

At some point in your career or business, you tend to slow down a bit, thus opening the door for complacency and laxity. This is completely normal and every successful entrepreneur must have passed through this stage before.

It could be due to lack of motivation, waning determination, weaker competitors and the absence of new challenges. As pleasing as this feels, you should realize that it’s a trap and you mustn’t wallow in it for long. You must never stop being hungry to break more grounds. Never stop learning, keep improving your network and keep challenging yourself to do more.

3. Learn from successful people

No matter how successful you are, there’ll always be something to learn from other people. There’s no hard and fast way to success and chances are these other people employ tactics that are completely different from yours to attain success. Therefore, you must learn what they do and how they do it.

More importantly, you should find out how they’ve managed to sustain their success over the years. One good thing about successful people is that they always document their success stories for the benefit of others.

Richard Branson shares his success strategies through books, Tony Robbins does the same through his YouTube channel, and Oprah Winfrey reaches out mostly through her TV show. The onus is on you to find out what they do and learn as much as possible from them.

4. Build a competent team

Many businesses fail because the owners try to do everything themselves. As their businesses grow, they fail to bring more people on board until they get overwhelmed. The truth is that no matter how hardworking or competent you are, you can’t run a successful business all by yourself.

At some point in your entrepreneurial journey, forming a team becomes inevitable. The moment your output begins to dwindle and you realize that meeting the demands of your clients has become more difficult than ever, then it’s time to start building a team.

The main duty of this team is to help you accomplish your mission and sustain your legacy. Remember, successful people always work with individuals who are smarter than them; so choose wisely.

5. Learn from past mistakes

People make mistakes; you make mistakes; we all make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of the learning process and they make us better individuals. In fact, the more mistakes we make, the more we realize that we need to get better at what we do.

Show me a successful entrepreneur and I’ll show you someone who has made a lot of mistakes and capitalized on those mistakes to build a sustainable system. What this tells us that mistakes are not meant to be forgotten; they’re meant to be learned from.

So every time you make a mistake, always ask yourself what you could have done differently or what could have been avoided. This puts you in pole position to get better results subsequently. Furthermore, you need to also learn from the mistakes of other people. Doing this helps you avoid similar setbacks and make you look smarter than ever.

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