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Simple but Powerful Secrets of Success

By Katleho Leeuw

The following 10 simple but powerful secrets of success can dramatically change your life for the better. When you infuse these secrets into your life and make them part of your daily life, you are bound to succeed in whatever you set yourself to do. The secrets are hereby revealed!

  1. Follow your passion.
    Passion is a strong feeling of excitement about something or someone. If for example you are passionate about your job you tend to do it better than anyone else. You add your own flavour or signature and others are bound to notice. Successful people all over the world, in all industries and all types of sports or arts have managed to find their passion. In so doing they tend to rise above ordinary achievers.

    Do yourself a favour by striking conversation with anyone that you consider to be successful. Direct your conversation to what they do. You will feel the positive energy when they start telling you about what they do. This positive energy is fueled by passion.

  2. Use you talent or talents.
    Every one of us has at least one thing that they can do better than anyone else in the whole universe. Like our finger prints we are all unique in one way or the other. Successful people have managed to identify their unique talent or talents. They use their talents not only to advance themselves but also to provide service to humanity.

    Some people are fortunate to have managed to identify their talents earlier in their lives. Some do manage to find their talents in their senior years. Irrespective, it is never too late to identify your unique talent and use it to benefit yourself, your family, you community and everyone else.

  3. Find your niche.
    You have to offer your clients, recipients or consumers of your services something unique. Copying or imitating someone else it has never been a good strategy. After all you will never be able to comprehensively understand and implement other people's ideas without them revealing their secrets to you.

    When you persist on the road of imitation you are not only cheating yourself but you may get hurt in the long run. By the way imitators live other people dreams and successful people bring their own flavour to the market.

  4. Habitually think positive thoughts.
    Nothing positive will come out a mind full of negative thoughts. If you continuously think of failure, you bound to find it at your doorstep. Put yourself in a state where your mind is full of positive thoughts.

    Successful people are the most positive people you can ever come across. Their positive outlook is not only confined in what they do, they have a general positive outlook in politics, economy, relationships and so forth.

  5. Know what you want.
    Get into the mode of setting your own goals. Know exactly where you are going, how you going to get there and when are you going to get there. Your goals must be SMARTE i.e. Simple - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Time based - Exciting.

    Just like successful people, get into the habit of setting SMARTE goals and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

  6. Take action.
    It is commendable to have plans, "smarte" goals and dreams but if you are lazy to act, you are going nowhere. You have get out there and make things happen if you want your life to change for the better. However before acting you must have a clearly defined plan. Without a plan your action will yield nothing desirable to you.

    Successful people work smart, follow their dream and are guided by their goals. Some of them work long hours, but that is only because they enjoy what they do.

  7. Be persistent.
    History is littered with intelligent, talented and highly educated people who amounted to nothing. Most of these people came up with brilliant ideas or were involved in ventures that could have revolutionized our history. Their only downfall is lack of persistence; they gave up too easily, too soon.

    The world over, successful people are persistent. It is easy too see why. They are passionate, they operate within their niche and they use their unique talents well.

  8. Have integrity.
    Integrity is the most important character or trait of successful people. You have to be honest, upfront and upright in your dealings. In this way you live with clean conscience. Remember you cannot be thinking positive thoughts while you are planning for your brother's downfall or your sister's miseries.
  9. Communicate well.
    Successful people have mastered the art of communicating their vision well to others, e.g. employees, financiers, customers or family members. They have done so because they have realized that in order to succeed others have to buy into their vision.

    Learn the art of communication. Experts tell us that communication consist of 7% words, 38% tone of our voice and 55% body language. Learn to hear, see, understand and use all components of communication to your advantage.

  10. Continuously improve yourself.
    Life long learning is the key. The biggest challenge of our times is not literacy or the ability to count, but is the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn always. To stay on top of your game, you have to consciously improve yourself in order to stay abreast of the changes in your operational area.

    Successful people can foresee change in their niche long before ordinary people experience that change. In this way they manage to plan and benefit from changing conditions in their niche.

Copyright © 2008
Katleho is a Success Coach. Her mission is to help people to take the goodness inherent in them and use it to propel them to the best they want to be... "I personally think that each and every person on earth possesses some measure of goodness in them. This goodness can be in the form of talents we have, our skills, our knowledge, our compassion, or love for fellow human beings and nature. When we use the goodness in us to benefit humanity, I am confident that we are fulfilling our purpose on Earth."
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