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Defeating the Motivation Assassinators

By Donna Krech

I've been in the weight loss, fitness and personal development industries since 1982. My expertise has taught me that permanent weight loss isn't about food, it's about maintaining or losing motivation. If you'll give me 5 minutes, I can tell you whether or not you're going to maintain motivation to lose weight and keep it off. As a matter of fact I can predict your entire health, life and career future.

Has this been you? You are PSYCHED about achieving a goal! You just KNOW you can do it this time! You're ready, you have a good plan to follow and you're determined to follow it! You've got that picture in your mind of where you want to end up, and you're off! The days go well for a few, then all of the sudden, without any warning at all, life steps in. Your schedule is overwhelmed due to a new idea at work. Your emotions are on end because you found out some one you'd trusted for years has betrayed you. Your friends are saying, "Just go back to working on this goal later. Right now you need to deal with this issue." You've just been had by the Motivation Assassinators!!!! They're out there. And they're in everyone's life. Do you know what they are in yours?

The story I've just taken you through has happened to anyone who sets out to achieve a goal. I've discovered, after years of experience and research, the reason WHY we don't hit our goals! This is phenomenal information!!! There are seven Motivation Assassinators… only ever seven and the reason we get stopped dead in the middle of working on a goal is ALWAYS due to one of them. You'll find that the ones that come against you are usually the ones that always come against you. They create a very predictable pattern. This is great because this then means you can create a very predictable pattern of overcoming them. And, yes, they absolutely can be overcome!!

The 7 assassinators are:

  1. Focus... or actually lack of focus. Do you get distracted by life or feel like your mind is scattered? We set a goal, build a dream, even create a plan. Then 3 days later we're no longer thinking about it. YIKES!! The lack of focus has attacked and we don't even realize it! Here's the fantastic news. When we just make up our minds to think on what we want each day, several times a day, when we review our goal sheet at least weekly, when we focus on what we need to be doing when we need to be doing it, we can actually keep all the others from even attacking at all!
  2. Beliefs... or actually a negative belief system. When things like "I can't do this," or "This is too hard," or "I just wasn't created for this, my family isn't this way, I'm not smart enough, strong enough, good enough," these all come from a belief system. Past experiences tell us these things, but they're LIES! This assassinator is the biggest liar of them all! When this guy shows up, simply identifying him starts the process of defeating him. When these thoughts show up identify them as the Motivation Stealers that they aren't and don't let them do their dirty little deed of taking your motivation away!! You deserve to achieve your goal and your negative beliefs can be turned positive by doing simple belief building. You can KNOW your goals are as good as achieved!
  3. Habits. Now this one is the sneakiest. We don't even realize we're eating the chips or retreating to the couch because it's what we do all the time. Breaking a habit is tough. Good news! Detrimental habits don't need to be removed; they just need replaced with healthy ones. By doing JUST ONE THING you can begin to see new, life-giving habits in your life.
  4. Emotional Reactions. Do you find yourself becoming seriously angry or tearful when something happens to wreck your plan? Are their times it may not be the best reaction, but you do it anyway? Do you ever run for comfort foods or a comfort position like in front of the TV or computer? Ah ha!! The Emotional reaction guy has struck!! Take him out by deciding to respond instead!
  5. Energy. If you get to a point in your day where you feel completely exhausted, drained, unable to think let alone exercise the energy drainer is to blame. Energy can be built surprisingly easy. So often physical exhaustion comes from mental overload. Dump your brain on a legal pad. Don't lift the pen, write whatever you're thinking and watch your energy restore. B-complex vitamins help too, plus many instant energy producers.
  6. Surroundings or Social Influence. Do you behave in certain ways because people around you expect you to? Nonsense! This Motivation Assassinator is the easiest one to transform!! You need six positive relationships in order to maintain you being a healthy, balanced person. Do you have them?
  7. Time Management. This is the biggest culprit of the 21st century! You may over promise, you may try to get too much into one day and always feel behind because of that. You may be too busy or you may procrastinate. All of which are time management issues!
The bottom line is this. You CAN beat these Motivation Assassinators. You can execute them before they execute your dreams. Let's commit to one another to take them out!
If you've ever struggled to maintain your motivation and see your goals through, you'll want to know this: there is a way to maintain your motivation forever... It's called Never Ending Motivation and it works!
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