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The Compassionate Samurai

By Brian Klemmer

I want this to awaken a resonance in you, like a tuning fork that vibrates so much that it compels you to take extreme action. A great many people fall into one of two categories: They're either kind, caring individuals who can't make anything happen; or they're heartless, self-centered jerks with no values who make big things happen. Tragically, many of us accept this paradigm as the way life should be and as an acceptable way for people to behave. Many people believe that a cutthroat attitude is necessary in order to achieve the very best. I want to let you know that you can be a mover and a shaker in the business or political world, enjoy great relationships and the finer things in life, and still be a caring person.

If you look carefully, there are many examples of this type of individual throughout history, in all cultures and in all walks of life. The ones who come to mind include General Robert E. Lee, the American Civil War Confederate leader; Saladin, the Muslim warrior of the 12th-century Crusades; and Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid activist and former president of South Africa. It's very possible for you, too, to become what I've dubbed the Compassionate Samurai.

The Samurai were members of a Japanese warrior caste that rose to power in the 12th century and dominated the government until 1868. The warriors lived according to a very strict code of values, later known as Bushido, that emphasized bravery, honor, and personal loyalty. Bushido literally means "the way of the warrior." The very concept of a Samurai with a kindhearted side seems oxymoronic, yet the word Samurai means "to serve." In essence, the heart of such a person is to help others. So I've stretched this aspect in coining the term Compassionate Samurai to mean someone with strong values who can absolutely make anything happen and yet whose whole life is about service. With this balance, I believe that you can achieve extraordinary relationships, advance to the top of your career, enjoy financial prosperity, and contribute to others in a significant way, while enjoying inner personal satisfaction.

The balance of warrior and compassion is perhaps the most perfect union, combining the enjoyment of outward success with a feeling of integrity and peace. No matter what area you desire to succeed in, you can use my new book The Compassionate Samurai as a working guide to help you embrace the concept of living to help others win in life. Excitement may create momentum, but character is the only thing that lasts. Show me a company, a country, or an individual without character, and I will show you a fleeting entity.

In this book, I've listed ten codes that a Compassionate Samurai lives by: commitment, personal responsibility, contribution, focus, honesty, honor, trust, abundance, boldness, and knowledge. These traits make him a skilled warrior in battle as well as a compassionate fighter and creator. I elaborate on each trait in great detail, but understand that they aren't to be 'tried on' every now and then - they must be practiced as a daily regimen until they become habitual.

You'll notice that all ten codes are character traits. What's exciting for you is that as you integrate them into your life, you'll have the potential for an exponential increase in your growth. Most books give information on how to do something and that's not bad. But how-to's lead only to incremental increases; these are small, progressive steps toward change. Much greater, lasting shifts or exponential alterations occur when you actually change your character. For example, with a simple business model, you can make an incremental increase from this year to the next by simply working harder at what you're doing. By incorporating these ten character traits into your life, you'll create the opportunity for exponential, long-lasting transformation by leveraging good how-to's.

Most people believe that they have to choose: either riches without spirituality, or poverty and humility seasoned with the divine. You don't have to make this choice - you can have both! You can be rich and spiritual, wealthy and giving, a warrior in the marketplace as well as a strong-willed, compassionate friend to many, including your family members and other loved ones. If you've ever had a challenge on either end of the spectrum by demonstrating compassion toward others or by winning big battles in life (the true warrior within) this book will show the way to strategically combine the two, making you the victor that you were always destined to be.

Brian Klemmer, the bestselling author of 'If How To's Were Enough We'd All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy,' is an international consultant and speaker whose seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of participants in Japan, Canada, the Philippines, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and throughout the United States over the last 30 years. Known for his humorous and practical style of communicating, Brian is one of today's most in-demand speakers.

His new book, The Compassionate Samurai: How to be Extraordinary in an Ordinary World, will expand your definition of success and give you the character tools to produce extraordinary results for yourself and others. Buy the book today and enjoy the journey!

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