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How to Be Luckier

With the launch of Lottoland's World Millions jackpot, one the largest international lotteries around, we decided to investigate ways that you can improve your luck. Whether its betting on the lottery, or changing your fortunes in other avenues of life, hopefully these tips will set you on the right path!

Visualise Success

Looking to change your fortunes? Imagine where you want to be, visualise the end goal and work backwards from there.

Think about the steps you're going to need to take to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

If you're looking to get a new career, if you have that perfect job in mind, analyse what steps you will have to take to get there. Does this mean updating your skill set with a new course or training programme, or simply going all out with job applications to turn your dream into a reality.

If it's winning the lottery that you're after, perhaps take a look at what jackpots you're going for. Find one with a more affordable cost of entry, with lower jackpot odds. Work out how much money you're willing to part with each week, so you're not just going for that coveted jackpot, but also able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Persistence Is Key

We often think of winning the lottery as something that just miraculously happens, and of course that's a big factor! But don't forget, many people play for years, even decades before enjoying that big win.

If you want to improve a particular life skill, such as a hobby or sporting activity, you won't attain that high level you're after without countless hours of practice.

Maybe you want to improve your tennis skills, so set aside a bit of extra time a week, even if it' just a few hours, to hone your abilities and make real progress towards your goals.

Brush Off Negative Feelings

We've all been there, stuck in a rut and feeling the pressure of things not going our way, in fact this is the time when most goals are given up on, but keeping going through the tough times is a mark of a true champion.

If you fall at the first hurdle you'll never win the race!

It's the same for betting on the lottery, you might have had a few weeks without even a small win, but if you don't buy a ticket there is no chance you'll win big, so persevere!

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