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5 Lessons For Manifesting Wealth

By Thomas Herold

I don't have to tell you that household debt is at a record high. Personal bankruptcies have doubled in the last decade. Never before in history have people had so much stuff and so little freedom.

"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like." —Will Smith

What is the key to being wealthy? Studies show that wealth has nothing to do with luck, education or intelligence. It is a simple fact that wealthy people understand the principles of accumulating wealth—and how to put them into effect.

Understand that money is, by itself, not the goal. If you are only after money, you are missing the point. Money, in and of itself, is a form of energy. Energy is only either bad or good in context—it all depends on particular circumstances and attitudes of the person who is working with this form of energy.

We get only a limited perspective of wealth from our current media, which focus on hyping the sensational aspects of every story rather than on presenting a balanced account of the facts. Most media struggle to meet their news quotas and have therefore lost complete sight of their role in this process.

If you follow the 5 lessons below, your life will change and you will become wealthy. These lessons are very simple; however, they require your commitment and a change in how you presently deal with money. It requires a change in your current model of thought.

  • Lesson 1: Decide To Be Wealthy
    Make a decision today to be wealthy. Write down this goal, and either pin it on your board or carry the paper with you at all times. Take a look at your goal every day: "Today I decide to be wealthy." Your conscious decision to make a choice is the beginning of all your journeys. The moment you make a decision your consciousness will automatically start working on the solution to create that reality.
  • Lesson 2: Take Responsibility For Your Money
    If you don't control your money, your money will control you! Controlling your money simply means that you need to know how much money you have, where you spend it and where it comes from. Take a piece of paper and write these three items down as precisely as possible. Make this list as detailed as you can. Get a feeling of what your money is doing. The entire point of this exercise is to make your money work for you (you control your money) - and not the opposite (your money controls you).
  • Lesson 3: Keep A Portion of Everything You Earn
    Wealthy people pay themselves first, and then pay the bills! From time to time you hear stories about celebrities going bankrupt or having to wait tables. What happened? They obviously never saved a portion of their income and put it aside. If they had, they would still be wealthy.

    Take at least 10% of your income every month and put it aside. Never ever touch this money for anything other than for investment purposed to make this money work for you. Don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  • Lesson 4: Win In The Margins
    Always strive to improve your income and watch your costs. Reduce the money you spend. Do you really need that electric sock dispenser? Drive a more economical car and move into a smaller house with less expensive rent or mortgage. Replace the common belief that consuming for its own sake is a necessary part of your life, with something that is more balanced. Accumulating possessions will not make you happy! More stuff only reduces your free attention, and you'll have less attention left to focus on building your wealth.
  • Lesson 5: Give Back
    Would you like to live in a society where everybody has more than enough, where everybody is mostly focused on helping and supporting others? I bet you do. If everybody focuses only on themselves, our society would soon starve to death and be split into winners and losers. If everybody focuses on giving back and on contributing to a better society, we would all have more than enough happiness. Peace and abundance would be the common ground.

    Understand that we are not truly separate from one another; we all depend on each other. The very things we all need the most - like fresh air, healthy food and loving hearts - are the things we most depend on others to create for themselves and for others. The more we understand that this is a cooperative process and not an individual, separate one, the more we will reap the benefits from it.

    Sharing your wealth and time is love made visible.

Are you ready to decide to become wealthy? Put these lessons into action right now. You can use the The Dream Manifestation Wizard™ to accomplish this in an easy and playful way. This software for your computer (Mac or PC) does one thing, and does it in a very profound and astonishing way – it reminds you of your dreams, helping align your thoughts until those dreams are manifested in your life. Give it a try! And I suggest you download the free manual, The Principles of Successful Manifesting. I am sure you will find some ideas that you can immediately put into action.

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