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The Three Master Keys To Wealth

By Silvia Hartmann

For the last five years, since New Year's Eve 2000 to be precise, I've been involved in a project entitled MindMillion. At the core of the project was the question, "How do we get to be wealthy - real millionaires?" We, in this instance, is essentially anyone who wants this.

There were three major research phases which involved a cast of thousands eventually, from all over the world, from all kinds of backgrounds, all kinds of ethnicity, all kinds of age, education, and with wildly different ideas as to how they were going to achieve their wealth. Many people started out not from a zero point of nothing, but from a long way back - burdened down with debt, long history of business failures and no "family money" to fall back on.

I am a systems researcher, first and foremostly; and for the last 35 years I have done little else but to study complex systems, such as humans with their motivations, thoughts, emotions and behaviors, to find out how such things work in real life, outside of a reality reduced laboratory, outside of make belief, illusion.

People are blessed with so many amazing gifts from the Creative Order by right of birth, and I made it my business to firstly, try and find out what the problem with "wealth and success" is, and then to come up with some workable solutions so that wealth can be achieved, just as health can be achieved with good nutrition and a few core basics, such as a friendly environment, a good night's sleep, fresh air and some light exercise now and then.

Although the story of these three research programs is a long and complex one, in the end there are three core aspects that have everything to do with how successful any individual will be to get what they want out of life - symbolised by the idea of achieving millionaire status, more in terms of an "exercise in reality creation" and a badge of successful completion of a course on "how to make it in the real world" than anything else. These three core aspect, the 3 master keys to wealth, are as follows:

  1. The very first is perhaps the most important of them all - in order to succeed in reality creation, no matter what kind it might be but definitely including business success, a person needs to be FEARLESS. They need to have found ways of overcoming their own fears, reservations, stress, doubts, or in whatever way they think of their fears.

    Fear manifests in many different ways that don't look like fear but are exactly that, and including procrastination, inability to make up one's mind, changing tack randomly, inability to "stay with the programme", lack of will power, focus and vision, self doubt, self sabotage and so on and so forth.

    From leadership to decision making, from goal setting to overcoming obstacles and from future planning to conducting the necessary day-to-day activities, being able to deal with one's own fear responses, to know them and to have a way to resolve these is the master key to success in everything - including business, dating and politics. The second master key to wealth flows directly from the first and that is:

  2. Being able to think straight - to make use of the marvellous facilities of logic, analysis and learning the Creative Order imbued every person with by right of birth. This is not and was never about "school learning" or an accumulation of facts, but instead, being able to observe the environment, to find patterns and to LEARN what works, and what doesn't.

    It is this ability to think clearly which allows people who have never even attended school to not only build great business empires, but also to change the world in many other ways, through inventions, inspiration, contributions of all kinds. Being able to think clearly, logically and to HOLD THE FOCUS is an absolute pre-requisite for goal setting, long term planning and to keep the overview on how one's plans are working when they are tested by reality, and then to go on and make the requisite changes to make them work even better still. The third master key to wealth is:

  3. The sixth sense abilities - call it intuition, inspiration, a "gut instinct" for the good deal; luck, good fortune or simply to be in the right place at the right time and to know exactly where these times and places can be found.

    No number-cruncher has ever struck it super-rich - for that, you need that extra "SPECIAL SOMETHING." Now this "special something" is neither mysterious nor esoteric; it is simply the ability to interface with the energy mind or unconscious mind. Every person "owns" an unconscious mind, and they all function much as they should - but very few people have learned to listen to the messages, and even fewer still have learned to decode them, trust them, and follow them.

    This is not at all hard or requires years of study; it just needs to be realized that the energy mind is the secret weapon of success in all things, and some WILL needs to be there to start getting familiar with this secret weapon, so we can use it and get real life benefits from doing so. When we do that, we enter into a natural loop where we get better and more precise in the usage of our sixth sense abilities - and that includes the knowledge when NOT to use them, and to put in some hard work instead to get exactly what you want.

It has been my experience that if a person works on these three aspects - namely reducing fear and stress, practicing their thinking, and developing a better understanding of their sixth senses - they cannot help but make major progress towards all and any of their personal goals, including wealth.

I have created a special course which is available free of all charges in order to help facilitate progress in this direction; it is free so that anyone at all can start the process, and "not having any money" should not be a stumbling block to changing that!

The course consists of one exercise a day, so quick and simple that it can be done in 60 seconds or less, because it is much more beneficial to do something every day and consistently, rather than making big efforts every so often or when the stress is high. The exercises are all geared to improving and furthering aspects of the "3 Master Keys To Wealth" and are carefully designed to build upon each other day by day.

I invite you wholeheartedly to take part; even if you have no interest in wealth creation, you might well enjoy the challenge to stretch your mind, enhance your existing abilites of logic, visualization and concentration, as well as the stress relief and steady motivation.

I absolutely believe that people have simply amazing potential, and that it is not as difficult as was previously thought to tap into this potential and to create incremental changes that will bring more fun, more joy, more lightness and more satisfaction to our incarnations. Come along, sign up and, as we say ...

Get cool. Get smart. Get RICH!

Silvia Hartmann is the author and creator of and offers you freely the course: "The Sixty Second Wealth Boosters."
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