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Poverty Is Destiny or Life-Style:
Get Out of Money Pit

Global poverty is one of the most complex problems that the world faces today. It is hard to understand, but some people in the world are not able to afford food that is sufficient to satisfy their nutritional needs. Most of them have no hot or cold water and no light in their homes. It goes without saying that they cannot buy simple clothes or high-tech gadgets. Most of these poor people used to apply for loans for bad credit, use credit card and take loans from the bank to cover their needs.

Magnitude of This Problem In the World

According to the World Bank’s International Debt Statistics 2019, external debt stock of low- and middle-income countries rose 5.2% in 2018 to $7.8 trillion. That is why, almost everyone of them get into debt.

In 2005 the United Nations held the global survey and it showed a terrible statistics. About 100 million people were homeless worldwide. Almost 1.6 billion people needed a proper home to live in acceptable conditions. It is a pity, but in some countries the situation with homeless has not changed since then. In other countries the number of strays continues to climb.

What about the kids? According to an analysis from the World Bank Group and UNICEF, only 1 in 5 children six months to two years of age living in poor conditions eats more or less good food for health development. Unfortunately, this problem is relevant even for high-income countries such as the UK, US, Germany and others.

How to Deal With Poverty?

The associated question is: is poverty destiny or life-style? There are a lot of real stories about people, who went from rags to riches, changing their way of thinking. And these films can help you find this very self-confidence and belief, that poor life can be changed to a rich one.
  • Slumdog millionaire. Jamal Malik is a poor eighteen year-old boy from Mumbai. He is also an orphan. Coming from the slums, he decided to win the game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”
  • The Wolf of Wall Street. This movie is a true story of a life of Jordan Belfort. He was a common penniless guy but rose to a wealthy stockbroker and gained a place in high society. This film proves, that if you have faith in yourself and wisdom, you can do and have anything in this world.
  • View from the Top. This inspiring story is dedicated to a girl from pauper family, who tries to make her dream of being stewardess come true. There were many obstacles on her way, but hard-working always yields results.
  • A Star Is Born. A famous musician discovers huge potential and rare talent in an ordinary girl, helping her to become famous. She gives up her usual lifestyle and begins sing professionally, becoming more successful every day.
  • 8 Mile. This film shows the way to success of a white rapper B-Rabbit (Eminem) Despite on the fact, that African-Americans dominated in this genre, he didn't stop. His poorness also couldn't prevent him from achieving his main goal of life.


No matter how much we deny it, poverty may happen to everyone. You can see poor people and homeless everywhere and every day. The amount of them rises constantly and falls due to economic difficulties, natural disasters, unemployment. But the most important thing for you to remember is not to see a poor person in yourself. In this way, you will be able to overcome this complicated period in your life and your fate will be in your hands.

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