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Three Basics of Manifesting Your Desires

By Dr. Alan E. Fuller

At one point in time, I was posting back and forth with someone from an e-group I was a part of. The lady said that we don't create our own realities ... that negative things happen to positive people, and that we can't possibly create those negative things. She asserted that, if we were not in our "right minds," we might, but we wouldn't do that on a regular basis on purpose (such as a loved one's car accident or heart problems). While she has a point, she is somewhat mistaken.

Why is she mistaken? Because we do indeed create everything ... yes, even the negative. You may be saying right now, "I wouldn't purposefully create my loved one's car accident," or, "I wouldn't purposefully create my loved one's heart problems." And this may be true. But this is the difference: you purposefully create ... but you don't create on purpose all the time. In other words, everything in your world is created by you and has a purpose. But, you don't create everything on purpose. If we all created everything on purpose (or consciously, while being aware of our creation's purpose), then no one would be into the study of manifestation (simply because there would be no need for it). With that said ...

  1. Know what you want.
    The sad reality is that most folks DON'T know what they want. If you're not pursuing your dreams, the fact is (not chances are) that you will become one of the statistics adding to the ever-innumberable measure of folks who have lived unfulfilled lives. One point I want to make about this: remember that your peer-groups, friends, family, churches, employers, creditors, et cetera, will always want you to formulate your life according to THEIR wants, not yours. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. And what's more: only YOU can prevent forest fires. (I had to throw that in there ... sorry. But seriously ...) only YOU can fulfill your dreams. No one else is going to. In fact, no one else even has to BELIEVE in your dreams in order for you to fulfill them. First, take a sheet of paper and split it in half lengthwise with a pencil line. In the left-hand column, list everything you DON'T want. In the right-hand column, reinterpret that to what you DO want. (Only focus VERY BRIEFLY on what you DON'T want, as it causes you to emit negative vibes.)
  2. Ask for what you want.
    Once you're clear about your desires, ask for it! Can you imagine sitting in a restaraunt, reading the menu, making your selection, but not telling the waiter what your order is? It's the same way with the Universe. The chances of getting what you want are just about ZIP as long as you don't ask. It's okay to let other folks know ... but only those you trust ... for those you DON'T trust will all-too-often down-play what your desire is. They might say something like, "Oh, that might not be a good thing," or, "Don't you think that's kind of selfish?" I've often heard the phrase, "You're not asking for much, are you!?" And it's usually a very sarcastic tone. So be careful about the people you tell, but always always always ask the Universe.
  3. Expect to receive it.
    It's very important to develop the mindset that you always get what you want, that you always receive that for which you asked. If you embed within your brain a favorable expectation, it will reciprocate your desire. One age-old principle within Wicca, for example, is "Like attracts like." And the fact is: your subconscious mind knows no difference between reality and fantasy. If you tell it that you have "a," then it believes you have, "a," and consequently, IF YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT "A," your subconscious mind will always go to work attracting MORE of "a." Going back to the restaraunt, once you've placed your order, you have created the expectation within your mind that you'll get what you want. If the waiter doesn't bring that meal, you might send it back (as I often do). Why not put it into practice in all areas of your life?
One final caveat: a lot of self-help gurus these days will have you believe that you can get everything you want without ever having to pay a price. But rest assured, success (on any level and in any area) will always have a price. Be very aware of you are willing to "pay" to get what you desire to have. Why do I say this? Because it's true. I wanted a life partner relationship, and I have it. But I had to pay a price: I had to move out of my hometown to get it. Was I willing? You betcha'! I also have a thriving Manifestation/Self-empowerment Coaching business. Did I have to pay a price? Absolutely! I had to eventually start working only three days each week in order to make sure I had time to fulfill my Client obligations. And what's more, I had to be sure that, should the day come, I would be willing to hire an Accountant to do the taxes ... I sure as heck ain't about to attempt the darn things myself!

After all of this, if your life isn't serving you the banquet you want and love, just keep sending it back to the kitchen until it does!

Dr. Alan E. Fuller, also known as "Mr. Manifestation," has Coached hundreds one-on-one and in group settings to use universal truths to manifest the lives of their dreams, including reclaiming their radiance and boosting their business income.
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