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Simple Rules of Success You Don't Learn in School

By Jacob Dillon

There are a lot of things we are taught at school. We are taught how to add and multiply numbers. We taught how to read maps and how to build things. We are taught a lot of things, but there are also lots of things we aren’t taught. Some of the things we aren’t taught turn out to be the most important lessons we have to learn later in life in order to be successful. Wouldn’t it be great if they taught us all of the important lessons so that we wouldn’t have such a hard time in the real world?

Well, as it turns, many of the greatest rules of success are rules that most people have to learn through the painful travails of life, and some never seem to learn them at all. Fortunately for you, you are reading this article, and therefore you get a cheat sheet you can immediately put to work to help you become successful. That said, here are a few simple rules of success that you don’t learn in school.

Do more than you have to

“A saying that really got to me when I first heard it is ‘he who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does’” says Abbey Hill from Going the extra mile is something most people simply don’t do, and yet the extra mile is where most winners are found. Whatever you have been asked to do; whatever the yardstick or benchmark, surpass it and you will surely excel. When you’re done with what you have to do, volunteer to do more for those around you. When you go the extra mile, even with something as simple as your dress code, not only do you achieve more, but you also have more fun. When you put a lot of energy into something, it somehow convinces your mind that you enjoy doing that particular thing. It won’t be especially easy at the beginning. However, if you remain consistent long enough, it will soon become a habit; a habit that will lead you to excellence. That’s how this best essay writing service ended up where it is.

Never stop learning

When we’re young and naïve, we like to think that learning ends when we get out of class and the school day ends. That’s not true, though, as you have undoubtedly figured out in your growth. Learning should never stop.

The thing about learning, though, is that it becomes less and less urgent as we grow older and older. However, it never stops being important. We should, therefore, still prioritize it. When you stop learning you also stop growing. You get stuck in a comfort zone that will ensure your decline comes quicker. When you learn, however, you grow and you give yourself a head start over your peers, giving yourself the chance to have a great career, as opposed to a mediocre one.

Money is not evil

This is a big one. There seems to be a general anti-money culture where the wealthy are seen as evil and corrupt. People are discouraged from dreaming of being wealthy, being told such false platitudes as “money is the root of evil.” Well, the truth is that money is not a bad thing, and making a lot of money, and being wealthy does not make you a greedy or selfish person.

Money makes you more powerful so you can make an even greater positive impact on the world, whatever way you want to improve it. If you want to do good in the world, having power will help you to do good on a greater scale, and money will give you that power.

Money also gives you freedom. When you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills, your mind gets freed up to think about the more important things.

Don’t feel guilty about wanting to be as rich as possible work for it passionately through whatever career you have chosen for yourself. The freedom and power it brings you will allow you to do more for your society.

Have an abundance mindset

Many people think of success or wealth as some kind of pie, where some people get a larger piece than the others. Most people have a scarcity mindset. Instead, you should work on developing an abundance mindset. Not only will it make you feel less guilty about your success, but you will also stop feeling envy and resentment for others who are successful. It also allows you to see the opportunities that hide in plain sight.

Play your own game

You can play by the rules you found, or you can make your own game and play by your own rules. You should never stop questioning the status quo and the existing systems, which were thought up by people no smarter than you. Think of ways you could improve things by doing them better or differently.

For example, at rushmyessay, they are always trying to improve things and do them better than the competition. They’re creating their own rules for the game and excelling at it because of that. You can read all about it on this Rush Essay review.

The more you live by your own rules, the more masterful and successful you become. The details just work themselves out.


Aristotle put it best when he said “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

That really is what it boils down to. Do the little things that motivate you and multiply your power. Over time, you will become more and more successful. You can then pass it on by teaching others. And don’t forget: never. Stop. Learning.

Jacob Dillon Author bio:
Jacob Dillon has 5 years of experience of content management and editing in a publishing agency in Sydney. He is also a professional journalist and content writer in such topics as education, career growth, technological advancements and social media. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.
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