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Other People's Doubts and the Law of Attraction

By Andrea Conway

Though it's wonderful when family and friends believe in and encourage your business vision, often they don't. Fortunately, the Law of Attraction helps you attract what you want anyway. The Law of Attraction doesn't care what other people think — as long as you're not influenced by them. And that's the hard part.

Let's be honest: other people's doubts about you usually feel rotten. I've even had Law of Attraction coaching clients who blamed all of their lack of progress with a business idea on unsupportive and even hostile family members. "My husband thinks I'm crazy to leave a good job just to follow a dream that may never come true. And maybe he's right."

The Law of Attraction teaches that whatever we receive is a reflection of what we put out. I know it's hard to hear this (was for me anyway)... but if you can open to it, you may never again have to look at other people as the cause of how you feel.

Stop for a moment and let yourself experience the freedom in that... Even though it's difficult to accept, each of us is the sole character in our life. The events, circumstances and people we encounter "outside" of us simply reflect the thoughts and feelings we hold inside.

This idea may strike you as odd — I mean, your skeptical mother is always that way, isn't she? Well, not exactly. Your mother shows up one way to you and quite another way to her old friends from high school, her boss, and her favorite grandchild. Hmmm... Even your dog can be frisky and friendly with you who love him but standoffish with your sister who is afraid of him.

Quantum physics and the principle of uncertainty support the idea that so-called objectivity is actually highly subjective. Experiments prove that light, for example, exists as a wave until it's observed: then it changes form and becomes a particle.

You, as the observer of what's going on in your life, determine by your observation the nature of whatever you observe. If you observe doubt, you are actually creating more of it. That's because the Law of Attraction responds to your thought and brings you more circumstances just like it! The creative power of thought is why Law of Attraction teachers often remind us to focus on what we want, not on what we don't want.

Cure for the Doubting Blues
When we feel besieged by other people's doubts, it's important to acknowledge that we don't like how it feels. Be truthful. There's no point covering up your feelings, because you can't fool the Law of Attraction.

Go ahead — acknowledge your discomfort with the thoughts of others. But only for a moment or two. Then it's time to move forward and examine how we may be responsible. This self examination is not necessarily going to feel comfortable.

You've heard that if you want different results, you must take different actions. Well, it doesn't just apply to action. The Law of Attraction says that it's the thoughts/feelings/beliefs behind the action that makes the difference. If you want business success, it's time to give up comfort and be willing to examine your beliefs.

Below are a few questions I often ask my Law of Attraction marketing coaching clients who complain about the doubts of others.

  1. How might you be doubting yourself? (It's easy to blame others for things that we don't want to examine in ourselves.)
  2. What are your concerns about stepping out of your comfort zone and creating your business? (It's helpful to get specific about how your thinking may create a mental environment of self doubt.)
  3. On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to success in this business? (Success requires commitment — before you see any results. This is a difficult concept for many new business owners — and is one of the key aspects of entrepreneurship that my clients and I look at in Law of Attraction coaching.)
By looking within, we can usually make the connection between what's showing up in "other people" and how it's a mirror to what's inside us. Once you get it that the responsibility belongs to you, you also get a rush of freedom moving like a deep, cleansing breath through your entire body.

Your friends and family and their soul purpose
At the soul level, your skeptical friends aren't trying to stop you. Their soul purpose is to wake you up to the truth of where you vibrate. AHA. It was me all along.

The AHA awareness that it's about you, not them, opens up a new set of choices about what you prefer to think, feel and attract. Our new choices cause Law of Attraction to match us up with entirely new experiences.

As you deliberately change your vibration — a skill that anyone can learn — you're no longer a match to doubt. You radiate confidence and certainty from within. And, surprise, others no longer doubt you.

Andrea Conway is the Law of Attraction marketing coach for solopreneurs and small business owners ready to make all the money they want at the business they love.
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