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The Best Cities for Ambitious
Professionals in Europe


There are certain European cities that are fast becoming popular destinations for ambitious young professionals in Europe. This category of persons are just starting it out in life, and they have the will and the freedom to leave their home cities and towns and settle in places where they believe they will get the best shots at life. They don't have a lot of money but are eager to get established in the job market as soon as possible so that they can get going. Not all cities are friendly to such people, but luckily, there seem to be some cities in Europe willing to welcome them with open arms. If you are looking for the best cities to find work in Europe right now and have a decent life as a young and ambitious professional, then here are some of the best places to set your sails towards...



The Portuguese capital may have had its fair share of troubles, including an $85 billion dollar bailout by the European Union in 2008, but it remains one of the best places in Europe for young professionals looking for the right start in life. The city is teaming with bright entrepreneurs whose business acumen has created the right opportunities and environments for jobs and wealth creation. It is estimated that the city's economy is growing at a double-digit rate, and this is what every young person wants to hear before they decide to move to a new city. Besides, the living costs in Lisbon is super affordable, the weather isn't that bad and there is plenty of affordable and great meals.

The future seems to be very bright for young and ambitious professionals with intentions to move to Lisbon, given that the city is on a rebirth to new prosperity. There are several co-working spaces coming up in different places, and the interests by huge international organizations to have their presence in the country is also encouraging. The government has also come up with lots of initiatives to support startups, and so if you think you have a viable idea, this is just the right place to try and incubate it. It will also be pleasant news in the ears of young professionals to know that Volkswagen and Google are in the process of setting up new tech centers in the city.



Amsterdam is another country worth considering if you are young, ambitious and you are on the lookout for the right place to get the best footing at life. Amsterdam may be the Dutch capital, and as such, it may appear to be intimidating if you are just starting out, but you will be pleased to know that it is full of career opportunities. To begin with, it is considered as the best tech city not just in Europe, but among the top 5 in the world, and this makes it a very interesting destination if you are into the tech world. Other than being a tech city, Amsterdam is full of international organizations and multinational companies who are always on the look for talents every now and then. The remuneration packages offered by employers in Amsterdam is also very good, and such are always accompanied by lots of employee benefits.

About life in Amsterdam, the city is steaming with culture. It is estimated that there are over 180 nationalities in Amsterdam and this makes it an extremely multicultural city. Unlike most cities in the rest of the world, Amsterdam cares so much for their environment that a huge chunk of the city is car-free. All you will see are elaborate lanes for the cyclist, and if you have to use public transport, the city has one of the most advanced public transport systems in the world. To top it all, it is one of the safest cities on the planet.



The German capital is sometimes considered a bully in some way, but it is also one of the best places to consider if you are young and you are looking for the perfect start in life. It is estimated that new startups are born in Berlin in almost every 30 minutes, and irrespective of whether you are interested in tech world or in the financial sector, Berlin will always have something to offer you in terms of jobs. Currently, the city is the home to over 2500 startups and these have brought in about $2.7 billion worth of venture capitalists.

There also seems to be a major race by some big major companies to have a piece of Berlin and have their presence felt in the region. When you see big dogs such as Google and Microsoft racing to set up bases in a place, then you something big is about to happen, and as a young professional, the best way you can take advantage of such opportunities is to prepare properly so that you are ready when they come knocking. This is what Berlin is currently offering to the young and ambitious, thus making it just the perfect destination city.



Any fastest growing country or economy in the world will always be an attraction to the young people, and this is what makes Stockholm such as a magnet for the young and ambitious. Stockholm is considered as the fastest growing city in Europe, with the population set to double by 2045. This comes with incredible opportunities to find jobs and also to start businesses since the increase in population will lead to an increase in demand as well as the need for new products and service. It is a ripe destination if you want an affordable city with lots of opportunities, wonderful culture, and a high quality of life. One thing you will have to contend with should you move to Stockholm, however, is its winter. The winter in Stockholm may not just be very cold, but also may extend a bit more.

If you don’t want to stick to Europe, you can explore other cities around the world, especially those in the west and in Canada, specifically. Life in Canada is always great, though sometimes very cold, but you will find lots of opportunities available. Canada is currently grappling with unemployment and if you are skilled enough, getting a job will be relatively easy. Find out more about what Canada has in store for you here, or you can as well visit for a couple of days and experience life firsthand.

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