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Chess Moves Every Beginner Should Know

Chess Moves Every Beginner Should Know

The chess game is a strategy game that pits two players against one another, each with 16 pieces. Made up of 64 squares, half black and half white, the board is the essential element on which any game takes place.

In this article, we give you the keys to getting started in this game, whose modern version dates back to the 16th century.

Chess is back in fashion again and the Queen's Gambit series (Netflix) has something to do with this phenomenon, which has revived the excitement of a game whose modern version has more than five centuries of history behind it.

Chess is a game for earn money. Strategy, intelligence, and mental agility are some of the skills required to win in this chess game and which, in the popular series, are perfectly represented by its protagonist, Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy).

Each of the 16 pieces that make up the initial board has a certain way of moving around it. For example, pawns can only go forward and kill diagonally. Instead, the queen can make almost any straight move to either side: Horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

In this chess game, the winner is whoever manages to checkmate the opponent's king, or what is the same, who manages to corner him with several pieces in such a way that it is impossible for him to escape death.

Therefore, it is essential to calculate the strategy well, and professional chess players imagine the next moves that their opponent will make to get ahead of them.

We Explain The Movements You Can Do With Each Piece


Each player has eight pawns, which are located on the second row of the board. They move from tile to tile and always forward, which means you can only move them further each turn and never backward. To kill they can only do it diagonally, either to the left or to the right.

If you manage to get a pawn to the last square on the board, you can flip it over and it will become a queen. It is therefore essential to look at the opponent's pawns and prevent them from reaching the squares close to you.


Each player has two knights, which are placed between the rooks and the bishops. These have a very unique movement: They move by jumping in the shape of an 'L'. That is, they describe a trajectory with two squares forward and one to the side. If they land on top of an opponent's piece, it will be considered dead.


The bishops are also two and are next to the knights and protect the king and queen. Their movement can only be diagonal and you can move with them as many squares as you want each turn. They will kill the pieces of the opponents that are in their trajectory.


They are located in the two lower corners of the board. Its movement is straight and can be horizontal or vertical. In the same way, they will be able to kill the pieces that are in their possible trajectory.


It is one of the most complete pieces in chess and one of the most precious: It can make any horizontal, vertical or diagonal movement and go through all the squares that the player wants.


The king is the piece to protect and, in case the opponent closes it, you will have lost the battle. All the pieces on the board must ultimately protect the king since without it the chess game is meaningless. His moves are the same as the queen with the difference that he can only advance one square each turn.


If you are looking to earn money through the best mobile games such as chess, there is only one option to move two pieces to save the king: castling, although specific circumstances must be given. From the outset, the ground must be clear between the king and the tower: that is, neither the knight nor the bishop nor the queen is there. In addition, it is only possible to do it if the king and the rook have not been moved before.

In castling, the player will be able to make the rook swap positions with the king. To do this, you must take the tower and place it in the square next to the one that the king occupied at the beginning. The king, on the other hand, should be located just on the opposite side of the tower.

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