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Most people have confined the definition of success around material possessions. There is an assumption that successful people are the same ones driving extravagant cars, living in extravagant houses and with lots of money.

Most of the people we assume are successful have nothing to do with the property they own since it was inherited. They tend to have zero knowledge on wealth creation.

Most people in this state tend to safeguard their possessions in all ways possible because their identity lies within it. They fear losing the money because they have no skills to get it back if they lost everything they own.

Statistics reveal a good number of people who commit suicide once they are declared bankrupt. This kind of information only portrays what the person has been living for, since there are people living lives with so little but have been okay all along. It is therefore easy to say that these people were only rich not wealthy. Most successful people will rise again no matter how big the fall was.

Successful people place a high worth on others; they are kind and compassionate. They value peace over riches. They love one another and value their fellow human a lot. Respect and honor for other people is a value they hold dear.

Today’s generation has received false philosophies and teachings on wealth. They have been made to believe that you wake up to success one day. There are advertisements, articles and even programs that tell people to just sign up and become wealthy.

People have been enticed to programs that will make them wealthy with no hard work and when the shortcuts fail, they get disappointed and create a fuse out of it. This also explains why most people of today are mentally ill. They most likely fail since they did not intend to work anyway, they just wanted to join and have money flow towards them.

While these systems have been proven not to work well for the people who are unwilling to put in hard work, there are people who leap bountifully on the same systems. There are people who make lots of cash on every program they enroll.

According to operators like, iGaming is an entertainment form that can be addictive and should be enjoyed responsible.

If people did not take these sites as a branded lottery game, they would earn good money and in fact it is not as difficult as most people perceive it. We should yearn to be the casino of life whereby we have authority over outcomes rather than placing our hopes on mere odds. This is a stage in life where you are unstoppable and your happiness is more intrinsic than what external factors do for you.


Success is built over time with discipline, resilience, consistency and hard work. It is impossible to wake up every day for 1 year doing the right thing every day, putting in work and having faith in yourself and remain the same again. Success is more of a skill that is learned over time. Being able to out stand in a certain field for excellence is real success. Let’s take an example of Bill Gates, it is difficult to think of Microsoft without his name popping in our minds.

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