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Follow Your Joy

By Sheradon Bryce

Within your beings, always simply remember, if you follow no other truth, follow the truth that within your being is called joy. If you follow that, you're always going to be right where you need to be, and you'll always have life within your being. That's where you need to be. Within your beings, realize that when you're faced with something that gives you fear, realize that fear is of man's mind—not God's.

Realize that in life you are gods. If you are a god, you don't need to fear anything. Since you are gods, you create your own reality. So if you want a fearful one, then you'll create it. You create your reality so literally that you can create any one you want. If you can create the negative, you can create the positive and the joy. That's your life. Whenever you find anything that makes you run in fear, makes you anxiety ridden, gives you these types of things, realize these aren't from the mind of god. These are from the minds of men, who are, in themselves, afraid and don't know what to do.

Within your being realize that if you get a piece of the puzzle and it causes fear within you, there is always another side to the story. There is always a flip side of the coin and there is always something that somebody is missing on the subject. Your entities are fearless. They do not do anything to instill fear in you, but quite the opposite, they try to get you out of it.

Realize that life is joy and that joy is life. If you want to have joy in your life, you have to allow yourself the moments to experience it. Within your own beings, if you follow no other truth, if you follow no other teaching, follow the one of your own heart that is leading you to freedom and that is leading you to learn how to have joy in your existence. If you follow that, no matter where you go, no matter what you listen to, no matter what you do, you are going to always be with you and not in the minds of man.

So realize that within your being, you already have everything you need to go home. You have the part of your being that seeks for the freedom and the freedom is the releasing of all the bondage called everything that is limiting. The seeking of the pleasantness, the seeking of the joy, and the beauty within your own being, or what you call enjoyment, that is called the search for life. Follow that one always and no matter where you go, you're going to be one-hundred percent right where you need to be. Honor you by following your joy, no matter what that means. Follow your joy. You're worth it. I love you. Be at peace and goodbye.

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