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Break the Spell of Debt

By The Money Shaman

I've been helping people to transform their relationship with money and create wealth for over four years. This whole journey started because someone helped me to overcome the terrible financial mess I was in and showed me how to establish a highly creative and rewarding relationship with money. And one of the most powerful things that my teachers did for me was to 'Break the Spell of Debt' that I was under. This was the beginning of something truly amazing. This was the beginning of a new and fulfilling life. And this was the beginning of a new way of seeing the world and my place in the grand scheme of things. Effectively I woke up to the fact that we have not been placed on this Earth to suffer, and furthermore anyone or anything that's perpetuating unhappiness and fear is actually working against the natural flow of spirit, consciousness or whatever name you may have for this vital force.

We have not been placed on this Earth to suffer
You have handed over your power and vitality to someone else: the credit companies. But before I go further let me just clarify what I mean when I talk about the 'Spell of Debt'. In the context of money I use the word 'spell' to describe behaving unconsciously - without awareness. It describes how, when in debt, you will be working to someone else's agenda, taking actions that they want you to take and in the midst of this you feel powerless to do anything about it. In simple terms you have handed over your power and vitality to someone else: the credit companies. And very importantly these masters of the spell absolutely don't have your best interest at heart. They are skilled manipulators and they will play their hand to make you give them as much money as possible - money that you probably can't afford to let slip through your fingers. People often describe how when signing on the dotted line of a credit card contract they actually feel as if they are handing over a piece of their essence or soul. This whole thing evokes very primal feelings deep within us. It sits uncomfortably within our minds and that's because a deeper part of us knows that we are working against our own best interests.

Debt and the whole energy surrounding it is actually anti-love
'A Course in Miracles' describes the opposite of love as fear. It describes how in a life situation we are either moving towards one or the other. As we move towards fear the amount of love that we are aware of diminishes and we increasingly begin to see the world through the lens of fear. Along with this we experience huge amounts of uncertainty and an obsession with the past and the future: we are literally not present for our own lives. Our minds and our bodies begin to operate on stress and the end result is 'unconsciousness'. For the reasons that I've just outlined I strongly believe that debt and the whole energy surrounding it is actually anti-love. In other words it prevents us from seeing that we are amazing beings: it shuts us down to our own brilliance by ensuring that we feel diminished and bad. It closes down possibilities and means that talents go unexpressed - basically our gifts return to providence unopened. It's a sad fact that most people currently in debt, unless they take action to put the situation right, will remain in debt their entire life. This isn't something I've just plucked out of the air, it's a fact supported by countless financial experts.

I've experienced this anti-love effect first hand. I've really suffered as a result of debt. It has brought me to some of the lowest points in my life and I've experienced this anti-love effect first hand. I can remember waking up every morning literally terrified of what the day would bring. I can remember the threatening letters and the phone calls from aggressive debt collection agencies. Looming in my mind as these events unfolded was the hypocrisy of how credit companies work. I could still see the happy smiling faces on their advertising campaigns. I could still remember the friendly voices of their sales staff when they were persuading me that their credit cards were a fantastic opportunity. I now knew that they didn't deliver what was on the tin. I experienced first hand how this whole illusion of caring contrasted so dramatically with the people hammering on my door and shouting at me down the phone at close to midnight on a Sunday. And what's more I know that many of you reading this right now are going through - or on the brink of - something similar

I'm offering you a strategy that I know will work for you. Having gone through the misery of debt and having experienced the absolutely amazing feeling of breaking the spell, I'm passionate about helping as many people as possible to do the same. Knowing what I now know about creating wealth I did not have to venture into the realm of debt elimination. But a very significant question kept coming back to me - a question that has given such tremendous energy to all the Money Shaman material, "If I know that I have something that will make a phenomenal difference to people's lives, wouldn't I want it to reach as many people as possible?" This is basically a no-brainer; the answer is a resounding YES! So in this I'm not trying to make you like me. I'm not trying to convince you to do anything that you don't want to do. I'm offering you a strategy that I know will work for you because I see that every person that unplugs from the Money Matrix of debt and fear is a victory for us all. In other words I'm inviting you to dramatically improve your life and in doing so become part of a bigger picture.

You will feel your strength returning
Taking the significant step of clearing your debts and saying goodbye forever to a system based on mass unhappiness is both a personal and a spiritual victory. It is both a personal and ultimately a global victory because the change that you are all looking for begins with you saying no to the things that don't support you or the people you love. Yes it's that simple: it begins with YOU saying no! As you say no to the things that are moving you towards fear, the balance is redressed, a shift takes place and you start to increasingly see your life and the world around you through the lens of love and inspiration. You will feel your strength returning and suddenly discover that you have the energy to achieve your goals. This energy emanates out to family, to friends and communities, and finally to your country and the world. So I urge you not to underestimate just how significant taking the step of reclaiming your life from the spell of debt is.

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Davide De Angelis (a.k.a The Money Shaman) has deep insight into the principles that promote the optimum conditions for success and opportunities to flourish. His ground-breaking work around money is transforming the lives of literally thousands of people around the world.

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