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Stop Searching for the Big 'Money' Bang

By Davide De Angelis

One of the most common misconceptions about making significant changes around money is that new beginnings are always clearly definable. In other words, that we can see where one phase ends and another begins.

When I give Money Shaman seminars I usually get several people who are constantly waiting for the one big signal that tells them that their old way of living is over, and a sign pointing to their new life. They are normally the most agitated and impatient around performing any of the practices. They want to finish the seminar and wake up the next morning with everything worked out and their old life receding into the distance.

Of course when it comes to money we all long for some simple procedure to follow rather than a process to understand. I think this tends to happen because we live in a society where things are set into motion with a key or an 'on' switch. And when something fails to start there are specific procedures to follow in order to discover what's wrong. But when it comes to money and human beings there are no such diagnostic procedures that work for one and all.

The mass media and films tend to portray life as a process with clearly definable boundaries that are crossed sequentially. However, what films don't show us is the true complex nature of life and the fact that we frequently have difficulty distinguishing the end of one phase and the beginning of something new. In this way, because life isn't as clear as we feel it should be, we tend to feel uncomfortable when signs that tell us we've made a change are not obvious.

The thing is, when we are really at the point of making a significant shift things do not suddenly change color to let us know. We can easily forget how indirect and unimpressive the beginnings of important new phases can be. Take a moment and think back to other important transitions in your life. How often has something really significant started by a seemingly chance remark or an unplanned meeting: maybe something as simple as seeing a book sitting on a friend's desk?

The letting go of old habitual patterns that have defined a lifetime of dealing with money in a particular way involves an inner realignment and a renewal of energy. In order for you to make the crossing to a new way of living you can often experience a period of confusion. This may even seem like chaos. But it's very important to understand that chaos is in fact not the dangerous mess that we have been taught to believe, but rather the dissolution of old patterns back into pure energy from which point they are able to take new shape.

With this in mind, one of the most important aspects of changing how you operate with money is that the feeling of 'knowing what to do' emerges delicately from the periphery of your consciousness. Working with the ideas and practices in this course will effectively turn up the volume of your perceptions, and help you become far more receptive to the subtler workings of your mind. The thing that moves you on to a better job or prompts the making of an important new contact may hover in a half-formed daydream.

Your next move may be contained in a comment that somebody drops and that for some reason sticks in your mind. The start of a whole new and prosperous venture could even emerge from the fragment of a dream. The really big shifts depend on our ability to recognize the voice of our own inner intelligence. We come to recognize that these seemingly insignificant communications are energy bubbling up from our deepest longings. And when we are connected to what really moves us we become tremendously powerful.

So the point here is to not make the mistake of expecting everything to be written in big red letters. Don't blow your time and energy searching for the big bang. As difficult as it may be to hold back from having to find this big leap into something new, it is a vital part of making the transition from struggle to ease, from fear to connectedness.

Simply remember that the change you desire is already working on you, and you are in the process of taking the actions you need. Stay attuned to the processes unfolding from within. Notice what comes to your attention as you begin to let go of the patterns which have defined your lack of money. Don't be distracted from real change by the siren song which tempts you to search for the 'big event' or the 'one liner' that will solve all your problems in one go.

Remember, the most significant changes start small and grow big, whilst the blind alleys start big and end up small.

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Davide De Angelis (a.k.a. the Money Shaman) has deep insight into the principles that promote the optimum conditions for success and opportunities to flourish. His ground-breaking work around money is transforming the lives of literally thousands of people around the world.

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