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The Best Investment You Can Make is in Life

By Davide De Angelis

The best investment you can make is in life. Invest in the feeling of being fully present in your body. Invest in your relationships with family and friends. Invest in anything that brings you pleasure. This includes energy-giving physical pleasure through lovemaking or any form of healing bodywork. Use dance and movement to connect with the pleasure of feeling energy flowing through your body.

In our society, despite so much reference to it, we have somehow downgraded the importance of feeling real pleasure. Everything is geared towards giving us a quick hit so we can dive straight back into the chase.

Because of this lack of quality pleasure we're constantly searching for the equivalent of an 'ecstatic experience' in physical 'things'. In this same way, we have learnt to search for love in things that can't love us back. When life is difficult we often let go of the activities and practices that give us the most energy.

These pleasure activities are the very things that will support you. They give you a vital vacation from 'problems' and activate your body's natural healing mechanisms.

One of the truly amazing things that you can learn is how to reconnect with the flow of pleasure coursing through your body. You can then use this energy to silence the constant negative static in your mind.

When this destructive saboteur is silent - even for just a few seconds - you suddenly have access to the part of you that 'knows what to do' and operates on a synchronistic level. This is absolutely vital if you're to start attracting money and opportunities, free from the ever-present sense of anxiety and struggle. Central to the Money Shaman's philosophy is the notion that, yes of course we can learn through painful experiences, but how much more responsive, intelligent and resourceful our minds become when our attention is grounded in pleasure.

This is not the lost, intoxicated state that most people have come to understand as pleasure, but rather a vibrant delight in the aliveness of your mind and body. When you operate from this perspective money becomes a mechanism in nature, not just to accumulate more objects, but to experience and share ever-greater levels of being.

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Davide De Angelis (a.k.a. the Money Shaman) has deep insight into the principles that promote the optimum conditions for success and opportunities to flourish. His ground-breaking work around money is transforming the lives of literally thousands of people around the world.

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