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How to Write Articles and Essays
Quickly and Expertly

People express their emotions from time to time at how they get so much of the work done. Of course, I am aware of how many hours I have idled away doing nothing. Nothing felt special, and I do not work harder than most people do. Henceforth, many times I thought to get paper writing help online. Then I realized that I should write it myself as many people go for it themselves. Henceforth, I took help from the internet and tried to understand the basics of writing articles and essays to clear my mind. Therefore, I am writing this article to tell you how to complete your given task quickly.

However, part of it is tenacity, and it can be shown with an example. It is a simple strategy for writing essays and articles correctly and quickly. It is a strategy that allows you to make a sequel to your paper the way you want it. Henceforth, it will help you in finalizing your first draft as a final draft.

Before you start writing, jot down the essential points, and make a sequence of them on a page. The key to keeping the reader engaged is creating a practical and robust introduction that will help you lead to the next paragraph. The second paragraph, also known as the essay's body or the article, will let you know people's thoughts regarding the work done. For this, you can state your complete report or paper in one para; in case you are doing a news article, then it is known as "lede." The reader can tell the motive and aim of the essay by reading one paragraph only.

Now the main question is, how do you write this paragraph? Many reporters say that lede is not easier to write as it is one of the most challenging parts of writing an article. You cannot write even a single paragraph if you do not know about the story. Therefore, a basic understanding is necessary. 

There are plenty of options because there are four basic types of discursive writing. Every other class has a comfortable and distinct structure. Henceforth, once you know about the writing you are doing or want to do, the remaining article gets easier. Therefore, once you choose your topic, ask yourself the motive and aim of your writing and choose the specific format. This will help you in completing the task quickly.

Here are types of articles or essays according to which you can write on a particular topic quickly...

  1. Argument: it helps in convincing someone regarding something
  2. Explanation: it gives/tells someone an answer regarding something that has happened
  3. Definition: explains about the concept or the particular phase
  4. Description: describes the qualities and properties of several things

By clearing your mind and following the pattern mentioned earlier, you can smoothly perform your task in time and with ease. 

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