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Reading is More Than a Hobby


By Alexia Wolker

It is common knowledge that reading is useful for everyone. Whereas some people tend to enforce themselves to read a couple of books every year, many of them regard reading as their genuine hobby. Unfortunately, only a few people, who are true book lovers, have an opportunity to realize all the benefits of their useful hobby. Let us try to discuss the most common benefits of reading. Perhaps, these advantages will change your attitude towards reading books and make you get interested in this kind of intellectual activity. Hence, READING IS:

…a Great Way to Have Fun

Even though some individuals regard the process of reading as a considerably boring activity, you may be certain that it is a load of cobblers! At present, you are offered a broad range of different literary genres, such as drama, fiction, non-fiction, poetry. In addition, there is a great number of various sub genres; therefore, everyone has a chance to find something interesting to read, according to their needs and interests.

. . . a Great Way to Promote Mental Health

Reading is considered to be one of the mentally challenging activities. The researchers have proved that the individuals who are engaged in these activities are less likely to suffer from different psychological disorders. One of the recent studies claims that Alzheimer’s disease tends to occur more rarely in people who like reading and playing chess.

. . . a Great Way to Get a Knowledge Boost

Can you show me anyone who would refuse to take additional brain power? It seems that the majority of people would like to be the well-rounded individuals who are capable of keeping up the conversation on a broad range of different topics. In order to be such a knowledgeable person, you have to be a reader. Moreover, it would be difficult to meet a boring and uninteresting individual who is passionate about reading like Symbolism in the Great Gatsby.

. . . a Great Way to Rest Your Weary Limbs

If you want to escape from your real life for a short time, take your favorite book and make yourself comfortable. While reading a book, you have an opportunity to engross in a unique story and get through the life of other characters. As a result, you have a chance to forget about all the problems that bother you.

. . . a Great Way to Develop Your Imaginative Thinking

Every individual is exposed to the world of imagination while reading a book. The majority of readers are great dreamers so as they boost their imagination through every story they read. Those people who like reading fiction believe that nothing is impossible; they paint their lives in bright colors and bold strokes.

. . . a Great Way to Stand in Someone’s Shoes

While reading a book, you have a chance to imagine yourself to be the main character of this particular story and live all the events through the eyes of the novel’s protagonist.

. . . a Great Way to Expand Your Vocabulary and Improve Your Speech

It is a well-known fact that reading may help everyone improve their vocabulary. The more people read, the better the lexicon they have; and as a result, they have a better opportunity to express their feelings and emotions. It is considerably important since people tend to express themselves using their speech. Besides, the researchers have found a strong relationship between an individual’s vocabulary and their mental health. Many Spanish scholars from the University of Santiago de Compostela have proved that people who have a rich vocabulary are less likely to develop certain mental disorders in the future.

. . . a Great Way to Develop Skills in Empathy

In accordance with some findings published by researchers from the University of Toronto, reading may change certain personality traits of the readers. For instance, if individuals like reading romance novels, they are more likely to develop their empathy. While reading a book, you have an opportunity not only to know other people but also to examine your own emotions by learning new experiences.

. . . a Great Way to Get Inspired

Sometimes, fictional characters of your favorite books may be a source of inspiration for you. Similarly, to the real people, who you meet in real life, fictional characters may either teach you something or influence you by words and actions. You can find a significant number of stories when an individual changed his or her hobby, style, image, and taste after reading a certain book.

. . . a Great Way to Make Your Sleep Sound

If you like reading books, you have certainly fallen asleep with the one in your hands at least once. Indeed, reading can also be compared to a sleeping pill, especially when a reader is tired. Apart from that, such an interesting hobby helps the individuals to improve the quality of their sleep. This relaxing activity makes your sleep deep and restful.

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