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Breaking Through Blocks: Why Writing Coaching Is So Powerful

Why Writing Coaching Is So Powerful

Being able to sit down and write something straight off without any interruptions is a rare skill. Some authors can do it, but it often requires years of strenuous practice and study. Getting the structure, tone, syntax, and vocabulary right on the first pass is masterful. Of course, all budding writers would love to get to that level of proficiency. Flinging words onto the page with that degree of flow seems like a dream.

However, a writing coach could make it possible. These professionals provide cues and advice on proceeding with a text while helping you mop up errors and eliminate bad habits. The result is prose that flows naturally with a compelling narrative voice distinct to you.

Develop A Toolbox for Dealing with Writer’s Block

Writing coaches start by developing a toolbox to help you deal with writer’s block. Professionals show you the methods you can use to get started.

Writer’s block often comes from a desire for prose to be perfect. However, what you’d like to create and what appears on the page usually oppose each other.

Fortunately, coaches can develop several tactics with you, including Brainstorming, Allowing the writing to flow regardless of how bad you think it sounds, introducing new writing exercises to break bad habits (like using the passive voice), and Adopting mental shifts that enable you to write with more abandon and less caution.

Shifting Your Perspective

Writing coaches also help by changing your perspective on your work. Instead of viewing it through your eyes only, you get to see it through theirs, too.

Naturally, this can mean it faces some criticism. But it also lets you see your blind spots and shows you where to express yourself better.

Writers often have subtle but simple tricks they use to convey information more clearly and succinctly. Sentence construction is sometimes convoluted, but a professional coach will always show you where you’re going wrong.

Ensuring Accountability

Accountability is another reason to work with a professional on your writing. Having someone else there to motivate you prevents procrastination and endless lazy afternoons doing nothing.

Gilliam Writers Group wholeheartedly supports this approach. The coaching service believes students should consistently work toward their writing goals, finding new and innovative ways to express their ideas.

Meeting with coaches and discussing progress is an essential service element,” the organization says. “It keeps writers focused on their mission and, ultimately, achieve the desired results.

Building More Confident Writing

Finally, writing coaches can help you become more confident in your writing style. Trainers can bust you out of a low-energy state and access latent talent.

No writer ever emerges from academic study in their perfect state. It always takes time to refine and hone talent. However, confidence engenders a growth mindset and shows you a clearer path to where you want to go.

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