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Why are the top ranking boarding schools in India Encouraging Group Learning?


The top ranking boarding schools in India are adopting innovative approaches to learning. One such creative way of student learning is group or collaborative learning. Nowadays, students need to excel in all fields, not simply academic proficiencies. So, group learning helps cultivate individual skills beyond conventional teaching methodologies and offers dynamic knowledge and skill acquisition.

 The schools with hostel facility transcend the typical, monotonous classroom teaching and create bonds among students. They understand the value of collective learning and strive for holistic learning with classmates. Know the benefits of group learning below. 

What is Group Learning in Boarding Schools?

Group learning is also known as collective or collaborative learning. Through this approach, learners strive to build their knowledge. Teachers and students in a classroom are divided into multiple groups, where they discuss and present ideas about a specific topic. Such approaches have improved students' thinking skills and made them attentive to classroom activities in recent years. Schools with hostel facilityfosters group learning and cultivate well-rounded individuals eligible to face real-life scenarios. 

Why Top Ranking Boarding Schools in India Promote Group Learning?

The top ranking boarding schools in India encourage group learning over conventional means because of the following reasons- 

  • Improves Critical Thinking Skills 

In group learning, students play an active role, due to which they develop critical thinking skills. Through regular debates and discussions with other group members, they open their minds to diverse perspectives. So, the process provokes analytical thinking. Students can assess different viewpoints and come up with rational arguments.

  • Motivates Learners 

The schools with hostel facility try to make monotonous classroom learning interesting. With group learning, students become active participants, creating a dynamic classroom environment. When their ideas are recognized, they feel motivated and contribute optimistically during discussions and when generating ideas. 

  • Boost Communication Skills 

Nothing sharpens communication skills better than group learning. Students are exposed to effective communication and clarity in speech while working in groups. They learn actively and receive constructive feedback from the teachers. In the process of interacting with peers, students learn to articulate their thoughts while respecting others' viewpoints. 

  • In-depth understanding of the Subject 

Conventional educational processes are more theoretical, while group learning focuses on practical learning. Students apply theoretical knowledge to practical, real-life scenarios. Through collective problem-solving activities, they strengthen their bonds with other classmates and teach core aspects of holistic education. 

  • Respects Diversity and Cultural Integrity 

Group learning is an excellent way of respecting diversity and better creating cultural awareness among students. The top ranking boarding schools in India have students from different cultural groups. So, to appreciate diversity and create awareness about various cultures across regions, group learning is an amazing platform. Collaborative learning develops a sense of cosmopolitanism and global citizenship.

Group Learning and Development of Social Values

Students, as future leaders, also have a vital share of social responsibilities to bear. The top ranking boarding schools in India develop essential social values through their learning- 

  • Empathy or emotional intelligence. 
  • Collective thinking or teamwork. 
  • Tolerance 
  • Respective cultural and regional diversity. 
  • Peace and conflict resolution. 

In a classroom environment, group learning as an integrative approach makes everyone feel valued and motivated in their studies. Schools with hostel facility successfully teach learners to engage in group projects that are highly valued in real-life scenarios or workplaces. 

  • What are the skills students acquire through group learning in boarding schools? 

Group learning is a brand new learning model where every student gets enough opportunity to speak their mind. Through collaborative learning top ranking boarding schools in India develop the following skills in students- 

  • Helps build confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Leadership
  • Better communication skills.

Moreover, group learning presents newer perspectives on classroom teaching and can, in this way, be seen as explorative learning. 

Summing it up

Thus, in the recent shift towards a student-centric learning environment, group learning is an ideal example. The top ranking boarding schools in Indiaadopt collective learning approaches so that everyone feels welcome to express their views without the fear of judgment or exclusivity. Group learning also nurtures skills like problem-solving, leadership, better communication, and critical thinking abilities. 

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