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How to Motivate Yourself to Study

motivate yourself to study

By Jack White

Motivation seems to be a very vague concept these days; like this word lost its true meaning. Most people acknowledge that they lack motivation but they don’t really know what to do to achieve it.

First of all there are two different types of motivation: exterior motivation (the one that comes from things and other aspects of the exterior world) and interior motivation (the one that comes from within yourself, like the motivation to become the best version of yourself).

Both of them work very well, but it’s all up to your mindset and goal. Of course, to have motivation we need a goal, because without wanting to achieve something there’s no reason to be motivated.

Anyway, the exterior motivation works the best on the small things you want to achieve in life, like clothing and a wonderful house or an exotic vacation. On the other hand, when your goal is to excel in your academic studies, the interior motivation works the best.

Without further ado, in today’s post we’re presenting you how to motivate yourself to study by using your interior motivation...

Set Your Purpose Clear in Your Mind

Yes, you’re here to find out how to motivate yourself to study, so your purpose might be pretty clear. But for now, let’s let motivation aside and focus that your purpose is to study.

In the first place you need to genuinely want to start study. But the terminology to study is vague for our minds, so you’ll have to set your purpose clear like “I want to excel in studying X and Y”.

Once you know exactly what you want to study first, your mind will keep thinking about it and the ways to achieve it in the fastest way. The more you have your clear purpose in your mind, the more you’ll want to achieve and that’s when your interior motivation kicks in.

Create Your Road Map

You found your purpose and long-time goal and you let it motivate you – that’s great. But be cautious, because if once you find your inner motivation and don’t leverage it, before you know, it will slowly fade away.

Therefore, you must create a plan, a road map to achieve your goal. Therefore, split what you want to study in chapters and set how much you want to study every week. In other words, you should make small, short-time goals according to your area of study.

Just don’t give up when you don’t live up to your expectations – keep going until you make it. Einstein failed thousands of times until he made his greatest discoveries.

Leverage your Exterior Motivation

Who said you should leverage one type of motivation at a time? No one!

Therefore, if you have something like shoes, money, or sport items, you can create a rewarding system and reward yourself every time you achieve your weekly goals.

Start with Baby Steps – Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Motivation can be a very powerful thing once you discover how to use it, but you must know that it doesn’t make wonders. So, even if everything works great for a while never overwhelm yourself if you don’t want to start the process all over again – which will be even harder.

The best way is to start with baby steps, and before you know it you’ll be able to learn more and more. Don’t try to move forward faster than your body and mind are prepared to. Take as much time as you believe you need.

Learn to Be Self-Disciplined – Set a Clear Line between Study and Fun

Self-discipline is a skill that not many people succeed to master. The reason?! – is hard.

Yes, is hard, but not impossible, only you are staying in the way to master this skill, and motivation can help you achieve it, while self-discipline help you maintain your motivation for the long run.

Make a Commitment

Commitment seems to be a lost concept in today’s society. But commitment will really drive your motivation to incredible rates. Once you make a commitment the secret is to keep it, otherwise you’re only lying to yourself.

But before you make a commitment take your time and reflect on how your life will change from that moment on. Don’t hurry up to make a commitment if you want it to really work.


There you go; you have all the information you need to know in order to motivate yourself to study. All you have to do now is to be sovereign and put the above-mentioned tips in practice. Remember, these tips will only work if you’re ready to commit yourself.

Therefore, take your time to get used to the idea, and when you truly feel ready to commit yourself, start your journey towards an intellectual life in which knowledge will be your best friend.

Jack White is a highly reputable content writer and proofreader for about 4 years now. Jack is passionate about music, travel, and photography. He considers his passion the key to a happy life. Currently, Jack is working at


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