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Which US/UK Colleges Produce the Most Founders?

Going to college has traditionally always been seen as the stepping stone in between school and work, with big businesses having links with the top colleges. 

However, not everyone goes to college to get a job with another company, and there will always be entrepreneurial students with an eye on going into business for themselves. But which colleges have produced the most founders over the years? has done the research to find this out, and in the USA the answer is that the University of California, Berkeley comes out on top. An incredible 44,139 business founders graduated at Berkeley, including Tom Anderson, who created MySpace. In second place is Stanford University with 38,968 founders, including Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

California is certainly the place to go to college for prospective founders, with UCLA and the University of Southern California both also making it into the top 10. The North East of the USA also features strongly with New York University and Harvard coming 3rd and 4th respectively, both with over 30,000 founders amongst their alumni.

Harvard also does well when it comes to recent successes, having produced 6,914 founders in the last three years alone, more than any other college in the USA. However, the college with the greatest percentage of its graduates (16%) going on to become founders is actually Hult International Business School.

If you’re looking at which college to attend and want to find out more about how many founders went there, you can find out more from the full report here, summarized in the infographics below for US and also the UK...

US Colleges Produce the Most Founders
UK Colleges Produce the Most Founders
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