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Different Ways to Learn the Cello in Singapore

There are several different methods in which you can learn to play the cello in Singapore, and even become a great cellist. Here are the various ways you can learn the cello and the pros and cons of each method.

First of all, you can enroll in private classes for cellists in Singapore which will be taught by professional cello teachers. In the convenience and comfort of your own home, a private home cello teacher will come to your house and teach you. Private cello lessons are actually a very typical learning option for many aspiring cellists in Singapore. If you were to learn from a private cello teacher in Singapore, your entire learning curriculum as well as lesson schedule can be totally personalized. Whether your objectives are to pass your ABRSM cello exams, play the cello for fun and leisure, or to eventually become a well-known cellist, a private home cello teacher can help you achieve your musical goals.

The disadvantage with this method of learning from private cello teachers is that not all Singapore home cello teachers are qualified and great at teaching, so you must know how to find a great cello teacher. If you are unsure how to vet a Singapore music teacher’s qualification, then you can instead look for the free services of music teacher agencies in Singapore like that of They will match you with a cellist who is great at teaching and excellent at playing the cello too.

Second of all, you can also start to learn the cello by enrolling in one of the public music schools in Singapore, which are often located in shopping malls all across Singapore. The advantage of taking cello classes at public music schools in Singapore is that their cello theory and practical teaching curriculum is very clearly laid out. If your goal is to pass the ABRSM cello exams in Singapore alone and you are willing to travel to a local branch for your cello lessons, then taking classes from a public music school can be a good idea too. The disadvantage is that cello instructors at these music institutions are most likely unable to tailor your classes to your needs or educate you in a way that is significantly different from what they would teach a normal music student at the school. If you learn particularly slow or fast compared to most other cello students in Singapore, or if you have special learning requests, then it would be difficult to do so at public music schools in Singapore.

Third of all, you can learn the cello by learning online from websites like YouTube. If cost of the cello lessons is your only concern, choosing this method of study can be wise as it is the most economical way to learn the cello. The strong disadvantage is that because no accomplished cellist is next to you to see if you are doing the right things, bad or wrong playing habits on the cello could happen to you. It can become very difficult to reverse some of these bad habits if you have been making them over long periods of time. However, if you have a competent cello teacher tutoring you, he or she would be able to identify your mistakes immediately away and address them before they become bad cello playing habits. This way, you learn faster and become a more competent cellist.

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