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Virtual School: The Solution to Bullying?

It is no secret that bullying is a major problem in schools across the country. It is an unfortunate, but common happening in many students’ lives, especially in middle and high school. In traditional in-person schools, 22% of students report being bullied, and these students can suffer consequences such as grades dropping, lower self esteem, or things more severe like depression and anxiety. Fortunately, with the switch to virtual schooling there seems to be a downtrend in the amount of students who are being bullied. 

In an average online school, only 16% of students report that they have experienced bullying in some way. In fact, many students who feel as though they don’t “fit in” report that they prefer attending virtual school over traditional face-to-face schools due to the lack of bullying as well as more flexibility in their schedule and overall performance increases. 

Bullying is an epidemic in our school system. Students are turning away from school to try and avoid bullies and it is causing their grades to slip. A solution is absolutely necessary to ensure students are able to learn in an environment where they feel safe, and virtual schools offer that safe environment. 

Virtual School: The Solution to Bullying?
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