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5 Ways to Track Your Child's Tutoring Progress

It is very important to track your child's progress if they are getting home tuition classes. As a responsible parent, you shouldn't leave everything to your child's private tutor. Even if you have hired a tuition teacher from the best home tuition agency, you must keep your eyes on your child's progress. Home Tuition means no distraction and improved self-confidence for your child.Private home tuition is an investment. You invest your money for your child's better future. You have all the rights to raise questions if your child isn't performing well in certain topics or examinations.

You must make sure that the private tutors do what you hired them to do. They must work honestly for your child's education. If your child isn't scoring good marks in a subject on which he's getting tutored, you should be able to know the reasons. Parent who tracks their child's tutoring progress, can bring a real difference in their child's life.

We'll tell you 5 ways by which you can easily keep track of your child's home tuition's progress. Please make sure that you stick with us till the end of this article, as you wouldn't want to miss anything. Let's get started!

#1. Set Weekly Milestones

It would be best if you follow your child's home tuition classes rigorously. By this, we don't mean that you should sit beside your child and watch over every day. Instead, you can set some realistic weekly goals for his private home tuition.

For example, if your child is taking a private Math tuition classes, you should check his tuition assessment books every week for the first couple of weeks. Once you know the tuition's pace, set weekly goals in advance. If the home tutor falls short of your goals, talk to them and ensure if everything's alright. If they keep falling short every now and then, you should start looking for a more suitable private home tutor. It may be the unsuitability of the teacher’s teaching method and student’s learning style.

In your search for a better tutor, you should always contact one of the best and reputable tuition agency in Singapore. Only a reputable home tuition agency can help you in getting the best suitable home tuition teacher for your child.

#2. Regularly Engage With Your Child’s Private Tutors

In order to keep a tab on your child's tutoring progress and make sure that they are completing their tuition assignments regularly, you must engage with their home tutor regularly. They assume that the home tutors must be doing a good job. Any unprofessional home tutor can take advantage of this recklessness and get away from the job you've entrusted them with.

You should ask logical questions to your child's home tutor. Ask them if they have witnessed any improvement in your child's knowledge. Also, ask them whether your child has become more confident. Improving your child's education and confidence the job of the home tutors whom you have hired.

You should also talk about the way they are tutoring your child. Are they following any objectives? Are they tracking your child’s progress? The more you engage with your child's home tutors, the more they'll become serious about their teaching. Also, you'll be able to keep track of your child's tutoring progress! A win-win situation.

#3. Check The Results of Class Test and Examinations in Your Child’s School

You shouldn't forget that the school result is what matters the most. If your child is getting better grades in school examination than before, their home tutor are doing a good job. You should frequently check your child's school homework, home tuition assignments and class test results. These performance metrics will give you a perfect tracking mechanism of your child's home tuition classes.

If your child's school grades are not coming out what you expected, discuss it with home tutor. In this mutual discussion, talk about the scope of improvement and what needs to be done. Do not leave every decision to the home tutor and ensure that your child gets the maximum benefits from home tutoring.

#4. Keep Your Child in The Loop

It will significantly benefit your efforts if you keep your child in the loop of your and the home tutor's discussions. Your child should see and realize the amount of time, money, and effort you invest in their brighter future. Once they realize it, they'll start taking it seriously. It might take a long time, but when it happens, your child will naturally become answerable. It will also help you in tracking their tuition's progress. Ask them if they are finding lessons and homework easier to grasp after tuitions? Are they really enjoying what they learn from their home tutors? If the home tuition classes help them understand the topics better than school, you can have a peace of mind and trust the tutor to handle the entire tuition lesson.

#5. Take Random Home Tests Occasionally

Another great way of tracking your child's tutoring progress is by taking surprise home tests occasionally. These tests should be friendly and verbal in nature. If you make it too formal, it can affect your child's natural responses. In between, test their progress by including some questions as a joke. If they answer most of your questions, the home tuition classes are indeed working out for them.

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