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5 Top Universities in Calgary to Study

Education is a crucial and life-changing element in everybody’s life. Some people get a quality education and become worthy in life. On the other hand, people who don’t pay heed to their education think it is just crap, we don’t need it. Later in life, they struggle really hard and regret it. Getting an education within your own country is good but, getting higher education outside the country is more valuable than you think. As it is valuable, so it is important to decide wisely about the studies abroad since your future depends upon it. There are innumerable universities all over the globe, but finding a reliable, well-reputed and cost-friendly is crucial. Canada is one of those countries which offers quality education in its universities and highly encourages students to come to Canada for pursuing their higher studies to serve more efficiently. In the city of Calgary, there are the top universities of Canada which are worthwhile and offer you a good environment to learn more suggested by CalgaryChinese. In this article, we’ll discuss the top universities in Calgary and whether is it worthwhile to go there. Let’s uncover.

Is Calgary a good place to study?

Well, yes! Calgary is a good and affordable place to study as it has ranked the second highest level of education quality among all of Canada’s major cities. This city has top-class universities that meet international standards of quality education. You can easily trust the standards of universities which will help you to recognise yourself by promoting and encouraging the students for different co-curricular activities, comparative studies and practicals.

What subjects should I study in Calgary?

This is another important question; it all depends on your personal preference or the discipline that you have been following for years. Totally up to you, but in general the most commonly selected subjects by students are mentioned below.

  • Computer sciences
  • Medical sciences
  • Neurosciences
  • Geology
  • Social science
  • Engineering
  • Aeronautics

All these subjects are being taught in universities with 100% practical so the students could learn differently and serve accordingly society. If you want to pursue your medical degree, there is a great opportunity for you, you can even get a scholarship which will help you in alleviating the expenses more.

Do people speak English in Calgary?

Surprisingly, there are more than 120 languages spoken in Calgary due to the diverse population. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn some new unconventional languages. Although there is a huge percentage of people who speaks Punjabi and Tagalog in the city. There are also English speakers in the city, so you don’t need to be worried about the languages as English is the official language of more than 100 countries.

Is Calgary best for international students?

Absolutely yes! Calgary is an ideal choice for international students if they want to pursue their majors in the top universities of Canada. As this city is also the most affordable city in Canada. The tax rate is lower than in other cities. Students will easily pay their rent and university fees by doing a part-time job. This opportunity might be a life-changing point for them.

Is education free in Calgary?

You may get astounded, that is really education is free in Calgary and it is the top reason to visit by calgarychinese. Let me tell you, the students can get an education for 13 years right from kindergarten to further 12th grade and get graduate with a diploma. Students must take maths, social studies, history, general science, and English exams. The provincial govt of Alberta pays for public education, but the extra expense and fees are not included in the cover of the govt.

Top universities of Calgary:

  • University of Calgary
  • Ambrose university
  • Alberta university of arts
  • Mount royal university
  • St. Mary’s university

University of Calgary:

This is one of the most iconic and exceptional universities all over Canada as it holds the record for its 235th position in the world's universities ranking of 2022. This university was established in 1966. Moreover, this public university offers 240-plus educational programs exclusively for international and local students each year. This university is one of the best quality education providers in Canada. Currently, there are 2800 plus students pursuing their graduation and master programs.

Ambrose university:

Ambrose University was established in 1921 and it is a privately owned Christian university in Canada. This institute offers different programs in science, business, and arts. As earlier mentioned, this is a privately owned Christian university, so they have a firm belief in Christianity, currently, more than 1000 students are pursuing their degrees at this university. If you belong to Christianity, then this university may fascinate you. You can surely check out this university while selecting.

Alberta university of arts:

The Alberta University of the Arts is a public university which was inaugurated in 1926 which is far ahead in offering both masters and undergraduate programs of various professions mainly related to arts and business. Formerly it was known as Alberta College of Art and Design. Both international and local students can get equal admission opportunities at this university. Additionally, this has five Schools which include Emerging Media, visual art and craft, Critical and comparative studies, and Communication Design. This university is a full package of enjoyment and quality education in Calgary.

Mount royal university:

This public research university is known for its infrastructure and staff members. You won’t believe this is one of the oldest universities in the city of Canada, Calgary as it was established in 1904. This university offers a huge percentage of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of business administration, health sciences, art and crafts, social studies, mass communication and much more. Are you ready to study in these universities to become a better person and to serve society in a better position to make difference.

St Mary’s university:

This is another catholic university in Calgary. This university generally offers the If you want to study in Calgary in fields such as liberal arts, look no further than this University. St. Mary’s is known for providing highly valued and affordable degrees to local and international students. Like other universities, this one also provides numerous scholarships to local and international students. 

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