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5 Tips for Students to Study Effectively
and Pass their Exams

Study Effectively

Studying can be a fun and rewarding process, but oftentimes the sheer volume of the learning material that students face nowadays is enough to make the learning process stressful and more time-consuming than it should be. This can create many problems down the road, and if you don’t nail the learning process, you may end up failing on your exams. If one of your goals is to finish school in time so that you can commit yourself to finding the job of your dreams, then you need to optimize your study process.

No matter how much work you have to do, and no matter how overwhelmed you feel, keep in mind that there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve with practice and using the right study aids and methods. Optimizing your study process will also free up some of your time, which you will be able to use to decide on the right career path for you.

With all of that in mind, here are the top tips all students should use to study effectively and pass their exams.

It all starts with a healthy routine

Having a healthy routine in life can help you accomplish many great things, but when it comes to studying and achieving your academic goals, it can be paramount to success. Studying is a journey, and it’s not something you can hope to do effectively a day or several days before the exam, but sometimes it can be difficult to find your motivation until the panic starts to kick in.

This is not a healthy relationship to have with your studies and your academic life, so it’s important to start building a better routine. The first step is to create a seven-day study schedule where you will allocate enough time for each subject, according to how demanding it is and how much ground you have to cover.

Next, determine the time of day when you’re most productive, and make a commitment to make those hours your study time. Organize everything else around your study time.

Study Effectively

Minimize or eliminate distractions

It should go without saying that distractions are the killers of productivity. Unfortunately, in the modern, tech-driven world, we are constantly surrounded by distractions that make it all too easy to forget about what you’re doing and waste your time online. That said, the same technology that’s making you procrastinate and put off studying can help you become more productive than ever before.

You can nowadays install browser extensions and mobile apps that will mute your notifications and block access to time-wasting apps and websites. The best part is that you can use these apps to set productivity timers and even motivational reminders to keep you going strong.

Use detailed study notes from past students

There are many advantages to being a student in this digital day and age, as nowadays you can access the world’s knowledge base with a few clicks. From top universities offering their classes and curriculums for free online, all the way to students sharing their study notes and exams from these universities, you can easily get access to the most credible study materials around.

In countries where some of the best and toughest universities are located, like New Zealand, this has become common practice. Students attending the Auckland University of Technology, for example, nowadays have access to numerous AUT past papers that can help them get the right information, practice for their exams, and use the study notes from the best students to achieve their academic goals.

No matter the university you’re attending, make sure to use the same principle and look for reliable study notes online to supplement your own notes and make studying more rewarding and efficient.

Study Effectively

Time yourself to learn to stay focused

To beat the pre-exam anxiety and prevent yourself from panicking in the middle of the exam (which can make you forget almost everything you learned), you need to put yourself in some stressful situations beforehand. This means that you should recreate the scenario you expect to encounter during the exam.

You can use past exams to quiz yourself, yes, but you can also go a step further. Consider doing mock exams by timing yourself, which will also help you save time and create a better work-life balance. Do this many times before the real exam, and you will find yourself thinking, writing, and reacting faster than before.

Know when it’s time to take a break

To study effectively and retain all that knowledge, you need to take regular breaks. That said, you shouldn’t just take a break whenever you feel like it – you should have scheduled breaks and you should know exactly what these breaks entail.

Don’t stare at your phone or scroll through social media, instead, do something that will rejuvenate your body and mind. For example, yoga is great for banishing stress during the exam period, so you can do a quick asana flow before you continue studying. Some breaks will be for lunch, others to meditate, and so on.

Over to you

Studying efficiently and effectively can often seem like a difficult task, but there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve with the right approach. Make sure to use these tips to make studying a more rewarding process, and to ace your exams so that you can start building a thriving career immediately after college.

About the author: Derek Lotts is an experienced freelance writer and blogger. His main areas of interest are business, technology, and the environment. He strongly believes in the power of sharing knowledge and ideas through the mediums of modern technology.

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