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Tips for Learning Intelligence

First, intelligence is not fixed at birth. It is and should be ready for life all the way from childhood to old age. Then IQ does not deteriorate with age. We do not lose 30,000 brain cells daily, or whenever we have beer or whiskey, even though alcohol or drug abuse can cause brain cell impairment but so can stress hormone cortisone. You can use a website to check your IQ Level:

However, IQ is not a single object. Harvard professor Howard Gardner has identified seven different types of intelligence, two in the left hemisphere of the brain, which I call the male brain, and five on the right hemisphere, called the femoral brain. Masculine intellectual skills are mathematics /logic and linguistics, and until the mid-80s were still considered the only significant intelligence.

For intelligence learning do you forget to carry the keys to your flat? Or do you suddenly panic in office trying to remember whether the induction cooker is off? A smart home will take care of all this and more. If you want to learn about artificial intelligence then I would recommend you to take artificial intelligence course from Intellipaat, and become an expert in it.

School failure

Throughout this research three new terms have emerged: Holon Learning, Accelerate learning; and, consequently, Integrated Intelligence. Learning works in conjunction with the left and right hemispheres, but because the right brain is so fast it prevails. Nevertheless, the majority of school failures are right-brain dominant. They are misunderstood and often find the left-handed brain teaching staff slow and difficult. They often retreat or are completely disrupted.

Right-minded students, especially boys, are passionate, creative day-dreamers who take failure and criticism very badly, unlike their left-brain counterparts who care about other people about them. 

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence connects brain cells (neurons) through connective tissue called dendrites. The gap between the connecting dendrites is called the synaptic gap. Each one generates 12 to 15 thousand million brain cells, each cell capable of containing information. But each cell can communicate up to 100,000 cells to other cells, and these are the contacts that effectively create intelligence. The more cells are connected, the more information we can work on, and the more ideas we can uncover.

To stay alive

This means that everyone on the planet has the same intellectual ability. It also means that there is no such thing as foolishness, only levels of intelligence, all of which can last until we die. Indeed, if stupidity is present at all, it exists as a defense mechanism. It also means that age is not an obstacle to intellectual development. On the contrary, the more we keep our mind active, the longer we are likely to survive, that is, a healthy mind and a healthy body. 


Expectations are very important in any area of development, but especially in education. If you expect something to happen, you're already halfway through to get it. American psychologist Rosenthal divided the class into two sections after the Class IQ test. He told the teacher that he had divided the class according to the results, bright on the left, less bright on the right, but not to tell them why they were divided like this and, above all, they're not to be treated differently.

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