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How Technology Has Helped Us Move
Towards Self-Learning

Technology is what drives the world today, every field of knowledge is now based completely on the advancing technology. It has an undeniable influence on the lives of every individual. In the present system, people teach and learn new things through technology and, the entire educational system is changing according to the technological developments taking place day by day. The educational system, which was more theoretical and text-based is shifting towards a more practical self-learning process, largely due to the access to technical devices available now.

Technology and self-learning

As mentioned, technology has brought about a major shift in the educational system throughout the world.The arrival of ICT in the educational field has initially contributed to change teaching methods, making it more interactive and attractive to students. The sole source of information or knowledge in the conventional school education system were teachers, but technology has opened a wide arena of online learning with infinite knowledge.

Digital technology has become part of everyday life, and technical devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are common things. These technical devices along with Internet connectivity have made it easier not only for students but also for every individual to learn online as per their interests. Many new online learning platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy, MasterClass, etc. has brought in the opportunity of self-learning, and also the opportunity to learn anything according to their interests.

The personalized learning experiences provided by most of the learning platforms has led to a rise in the technology-based self-learning. Moreover, students can get assistance from their teachers through methods like messaging and video conferencing. There is an umpteen number of applications available, that serve the learners’ requirements of interacting with experts and peers, at a global level. This technical assistance in interacting with many people and sharing ideas makes self-learning interesting and more beneficial than traditional teacher-directed learning.

Technology has led to many popular universities across the world to offer certificate courses for students from any part of the world and, this has attracted many people towards self-learning. The availability of e-books, e-libraries, online research journals, etc. provides any individual access to all required information without much effort. Blogging, podcasting, video lectures, etc. has made self-learning easier for everyone. Using these technical assets people can easily adapt to their specific learning styles as per their interests.

Technology aided self-learning has also reduced the pressure on students as they need not follow any kind of strict rules or regulations that are usually seen in schools and other educational institutions. Thus, students can learn anything they want in their style, thereby helping them in their overall development and mental flexibility.


Even though there is a general opinion that technology can have a worse effect on students, the benefits of technology in enhancing the students' education cannot be unnoticed. Technology has provided students, a more flexible, interactive, and interesting method of learning. The entire concept of self-learning has become popularized in the present world with the advent of technology.

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