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Upgrade Your School with Studynlearn
School App Solution

With Studynlearn White Label solution, an all-in-one learning solution for school students, and a wonderful teaching platform for teachers, you can take your school's brand to the next level. Make improvements to your school and make it future-ready.

Despite the fact that many educational institutions have begun to use blended learning, many still use outdated approaches. Covid-19, a devastating disease produced by the Corona Virus, appeared out of nowhere, shocking the entire globe. This occurrence posed a threat to the global education system, necessitating teachers' rapid adaptation to an online style of instruction.

Schools faced formidable challenges as a result of the outbreak.

As a result of students being stuck at home and many schools conducting virtual classes, most schools are unable to maintain a cohesive system of teaching methods, and students are falling behind on the syllabus.

Some of the most pressing issues that schools face when conducting virtual classrooms are as follows:

Poor or inconsistent involvement: 

One of the most difficult challenges schools are encountering during this epidemic is maintaining appropriate class strength in virtual sessions. Different instructors use a variety of technologies, from Zoom to Skype, which can easily confuse students and cause them to lose sight of what is going on. Furthermore, low attendance prevents the student's progress from being tracked.

Parents concerned about sanitary conditions: As schools around the country prepare to reintroduce their students to the classroom, the majority of parents are concerned about sanitary standards. While it is true that the threat has not been eliminated, kids may only attend classes if they are doing well in class.

Fees are being delayed

Most schools have not received their full payments since regular sessions were suspended. This makes it difficult for schools to operate and pay their teachers. As a result, a unified strategy for addressing all of these concerns should be devised.

You witnessed how e-learning is the next step in our educational system's evolution, and schools should consider making the switch to an entirely online or hybrid learning environment.

By launching the app in the school's name, the StudynLearn school app Solution allows schools to accomplish just that. As a result, the effort and cost of developing an app for schools are essentially non-existent. Let's look at the benefits of this wonderful white-label Solution from Study'n'Learn that can assist your school to embrace the digital revolution now that we've learned about the benefits of online learning.

  1. An effective teaching platform

Deliver online lectures and respond to inquiries as soon as possible. Give your teachers the tools they need to engage their students in learning.

  1. Teacher Preparation in Depth

Comprehensive training for your school's teachers to help them provide the best education possible while also giving them good, up-to-date academic resources to help them teach more properly.

  1. Increase the number of students who show up to class

Combine teaching and innovation to increase students' attention and attendance in class. To grab students' attention, deliver engaging lectures, and make learning fun.

  1. Individualized content

Obtain materials that are customized and aligned with your school's curriculum. Maintain your school's brand by incorporating technology into the classroom while utilizing the same textbooks and levels of learning as before.

  1. Recession-resistant education

Reach out to all of your students regardless of outbreaks or shutdowns. Ascertain that your pupils' learning continues throughout the year.

  1. Provide in-depth education

Students can benefit from digital classrooms by improving their grades and overall performance. Students' enthusiasm in their studies could be sparked by attractive and engaging e-learning material.

  1. Work on your visual teaching abilities

Get high-resolution 2D-3D interactive video lessons to help you remember things better and for longer. Encourage your children to learn through imagery for a stronger academic foundation.

  1. Provide assistance to your customers

Provide parents with an excellent learning tool to help their children study, practice, and ace exams! Assist them in reducing their tuition or coaching costs.

  1. Increase the number of admissions

Increase brand recognition for your school by emphasizing the school app feature in your prospectus, which will attract more parents and urge them to enroll their children in your school.

  1. Evaluate the pupils' performance

Analyze students' weak regions and keep track of the material they're using to assist them in developing self-studying habits, improving weak themes, and improving their overall performance.

  1. A Novel E-Learning Solution

To save money on projectors and other equipment, upgrade to a more recent technology that may be accessed via a smartphone.

  1. Making Fee Collection Easier

Collect fees on time and correctly in an innovative, convenient, and straightforward manner! Allow parents to escape the hassle of paying their bills by allowing them to do so online.

  1. Achieve a higher learning outcome

Students can access personalized learning, study at their own pace, review at any time, and practice with vast question banks to improve their learning outcomes.

Why StudynLearn White Label Solution?

What exactly does StudynLearn White Label Solution mean? This means that our e-learning app, Studynlearn will be rebranded with the name of your school. The Study'n'Learn Whitelabel Solution will be tailored to the demands of the school, with their branding and style. 

Students will have access to a single digital platform that will help them feel more comfortable at school and among their peers.

Schools will also get an integrated teaching platform to conduct live lectures, solve doubts, connect with students, check assignments and mark attendance.

Customized content:
Schools can use our adaptive StudynLearn White label Solution with their existing curriculum and delivery method. You can use Study'n'Learn to mix various teaching methods, such as live lectures, interactive graphics, or animations, to adapt to various learning styles.

The Study'n'Learn app includes a variety of learning resources, including lectures and graphical material. Your institution, too, would be able to take advantage of visual learning's true potential for the benefit of the children who use Study'n'Learn.

A more accurate assessment:
Teachers can use upgraded digital performance indicators on Study'n'Learn's learning app to better analyze students' accomplishments, allowing them to better track their development. Students and parents can evaluate their own areas of weakness and work to strengthen them.

Simple downloads are available:
Students will be able to find the app by searching for the school's name. Schools may use the app with their own personalized branding.

A unified platform:
By offering a unified platform to manage everything from efficient progress tracking to fee collection and much more, the app will make teaching much more pleasurable for students. This simplifies and quantifies keeping track of grades, progress, and other aspects.

Our app will provide students with a virtual representation of your institution. As a result, as if they were in school, children will only be able to study from the best professors.

Digitalization with StudynLearn is the best approach

Studynlearn Whitelabel Solution provides schools with a number of useful features that will help your school stand out from the crowd. The software can be used by schools to ensure that fees are paid on time and without difficulty. Students will be able to reduce their reliance on external tutoring and improve their learning as a result of the adoption of the e-learning environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your school's brand to the next level by moving into the digital realm for students and teachers. Introduce a new era of learning with Study'n'Learn's learning software.

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