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Is Studying in the USA Better Than Studying Abroad?


Probably you are looking to study abroad and are not really sure if it's the right thing to do. You are just in the right place! Here at today, we'll be discussing whether it is better for you to study in the USA or travel abroad.

Several times without number, a lot of people have asked this quite interesting question. Since, according to the popular cliché, education is the key. This means that it is somewhat important to get a good education — wherever that may be.

The education system in the US, in recent times, has become the country with the world's top universities. Even almost half of the world's top universities are located in the US. It is usually the first destination for many students worldwide. Why? This is because of certain factors which we shall discuss in full in the following sections.

Although, it's very good to explore the world, and one of the ways you can do that is to go abroad to study, I still feel it is relatively better to stay and study in the US. Why would you want to go and vet education somewhere else when America itself has a quality higher education?

Here’s a short list of reasons you might want to consider before making your final decision:

  1. Cost
  2. Accommodation
  3. Learning environment
  4. Diversity

Let’s dive into them and see what they are all about.


Education in the US is relatively cheaper than that abroad. For example, in the UK, which is the most popular destination for many American students, tuition is comparatively cheaper for citizens and the European Union (EU) members than for international students.

The tuition for many foreign institutions is more expensive than that for US universities. Isn't it better to stay and spend less?

Aside from tuition, the cost of other things like accommodation, transportation (A few taxi trips is better than a flight to or out of the US), and other expenses may weigh you down. Students might not even be eligible for financial aids as they might in the US. So, instead of spending that much for what you can get in the US, why not?


Like I mentioned, the cost of accommodation may be quite high in foreign countries than in the US.

Aside from this, you might not be able to mingle and build good relationships if you travel abroad. For example, American universities, unlike those in the UK that let you have a room to yourself, allow two or more students to share accommodation. And, along the way, they can build good and solid relationships that will last for long.

Even when you live with other people from different homes, you will be able to learn a lot from them knowing that you have one thing in common; America!

Learning Environment

I think the learning environment in the US is relatively better than in any foreign country. American universities offer a flexible environment to cater for all students’ needs. Higher institutions in the US usually invest in optimized classroom-experience. The learning process is even easier in the US than in foreign countries. There are technology and adequate learning facilities to help students along the way.

US universities also provide great support facilities. Workshops are organized to help students; practice courses (mainly for foreign students), orientations and training in order to help students along the way.

Although this may be the case with many foreign countries, the cost that comes with these things are so high and discouraging. Why go for something you can get in your country in a foreign nation?


According to a review, American universities are “bastions of cultural diversity”. Central to the admission process of American universities is cultural diversity. Many people from all over the world, having different religions, ethnicity, culture, and beliefs, come to the US to study. You will be exposed to other people's beliefs and way of life. This coexistence of people with diverse ideas and beliefs even brings comfort and peace.

Other Factors

Aside from the above-mentioned factors, there are other discouraging factors of learning abroad. For example, it is a lot easier, generally, to change majors, especially in the first year. Whereas in universities in foreign countries, this may be very difficult and will require you to go through a very complex process.

In the recruitment world also, some employers usually don't regard diplomas obtained from overseas with the same value as those of the US. This is because they believe that no country can offer the same quality of education that America offers. US degrees have a very good reputation internationally. This is because the US universities are well funded. They also have excellent academic standards, as a result of the rigorous requirements that they instill in students.

In addition, making friends might even be quite difficult over there. It might take time before you begin to build relationships with the foreigners, especially with International students like you.


I'm not saying that studying abroad is not good at all. It's just that it's better to stay here rather than travel abroad. US universities also have high education standards. They are even listed among the world's top universities. So why leave when you can get whatever you may be looking for here in the US.

If you are looking to explore, getting education abroad might be a great option for you. Even the courses of study in some foreign countries are shorter compared to the US. Staying in the US is better if you do really want to get a good education.

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