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Top 5 Features to Consider in Every
Student Recruitment CRM Software

Student Recruitment CRM Softwar6

The functioning of higher educational institutes is changing rapidly. There is a growing need to interact with the students, their parents, alumni, and donors in real-time that can result in higher student intake and retention. The expectations from the students and parents have changed as well and the universities find themselves in a spot when it comes to responding to the queries promptly in the absence of an automated system. This is why Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM for higher education) are becoming an integral part of any university’s operations. These are automated software that store a huge amount of data related to students, their needs, queries, admission process, leads, important dates, etc, and can automate several otherwise redundant and time-consuming manual processes.

What is CRM Software and why is it important for higher educational institutes?

CRM for higher education is software that acts as a communication aid for an institute. It stores important information that allows universities to streamline their admission process, create and target their marketing strategies, track results, and perform several other important tasks related to communication.

In today’s world, higher educational institutes and universities need to be on their toes to be able to stand apart from their competitors, attract maximum students and create a high-retention record. For all these things to happen seamlessly, they need automated systems that can store and maximize the available information and use it for prompt and effective communication.

There are several other advantages of CRM in higher education:

  • Consolidation of important information
  • Better return on investment
  • Develop competitive marketing strategies
  • Monitor a student’s journey from admission to graduation and beyond
  • Time saving by automating mundane tasks
  • Maintain and consolidate student and parent relationships

Important features that every CRM for educational institutions should have

While CRM for higher education is important, its functionality and special features might vary according to the needs of the university. This is why it is important to choose the right CRM software. You can either build an in-house one or purchase a customized version that fulfills all your needs from a CRM solution vendor. Whatever mode you choose, there are certain important features that the CRM for educational institutions should have. Here’s the list:

  1. Integration and customizability

Just like any other industry, the education industry is constantly evolving and the needs are changing with time. So, there isn’t a particular kind of CRM for educational institutions that will suffice all your needs. This is why it is important to have a system that is adaptable and customizable so that you can change its functionalities according to the evolving demands. It should also have the feature of integration so that it can be integrated with different platforms, publishers, websites, and ad channels.

  1. Student-centric collaborative features

An effective student recruitment CRM is the one that has the most interactive and collaborative features that students can make use of. From providing the right information, important dates, procedures, brochures, and other details to functions where prospective students can interact with the institute in real-time, your CRM systems need to be intuitive and responsive. It should also be accessible from all devices (phones, laptops, tablets) so that a student or a parent can have access from whatever device they use.

  1. Automate mundane, time-consuming processes

One of the most basic and important CRM features is automation. Select software that can automate all the mundane and time-consuming manual tasks, expedite them and free up the staff’s important time to concentrate on more complex procedures that require human intervention. An automated student recruitment CRM will fast-track lead generation, respond quickly, and have a wider reach. Typically, these are the tasks that consume several man-hours if done manually.

  1. Engagement and communication

In this globalized world, universities are constantly looking to engage with youngsters from across the world who can be their future students. A higher education CRM system with in-built integration features can connect with students from anywhere in the world on various platforms. If integrated efficiently, these systems can communicate with the students for basic queries, providing important information, generate leads, and create a call for action responses. This way, universities can look at higher engagement with students who are beyond their physical boundaries, ultimately increasing the universities’ outreach.

  1. Report, analyze, and decipher marketing strategies

Most universities spend a huge amount of funds in creating and implementing marketing campaigns. But unless you have a system that tells you whether those campaigns were successful or not, it is difficult to move in the right direction. But CRM for higher education can do that with the right features. Choose a system that has the feature of analyzing marketing campaigns and developing reports on their basis. This will give you a clear idea if your marketing strategy is working or not. Based on this, you can prepare for the future.

Higher education in today’s world is changing into an extremely competitive business that needs constant technological support. To sustain and excel, universities across the world are adapting to CRM systems to automate processes and communicate effectively. Find the right CRM solution provider who understands your requirements and can integrate them into the CRM software and see how it changes things for you.

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