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Student Guide to Learning Online

Learning Online

Let’s take this moment to remind ourselves of what the legendary DG Brennan said about the year 2020;

“I won’t be surprised if on my 92nd birthday I’d be
able to go for a ride in an antigravity car.”

Forget about traveling in an anti-gravity car, COVID19 has restricted us from traveling altogether. However, something else came into existence that was never anticipated and that is online learning.

Making the Impossible Possible!

The world might not have seen flying cars by now but the evolution of the internet is no less significant. Going back to the times of the older generation getting an education was quite a task. Many had to travel far distances to get to their educational destinations, which is not the case now. All you have to do is put on your comfiest sweatpants and sit in front of your lappy. Even geographical barriers are not a hindrance anymore. You can get taught by a professor living ten thousand miles away from you.

One-click and your education comes walking towards you, can it get any better than this?

What Is The Need?

The usage of the internet by students is not just limited to searching for dissertation writing services or assignment writing services now. Mainly because of the pandemic, students around the globe have their whole education depending on the internet in the form of online classes. That is why a student must have the know-how of learning online.

Your Ultimate Guide to Learning Online

As the pandemic forced people to stay restricted within the four walls of their homes, online learning was the approach schools around the world took to continue the flow of education. The question remains, how does one study online?

Pre-requisites for a flaw-less online learning experience:

  • It is needless to say that for a successful experience online, one has to have a fast-functioning internet connection. Without stable internet, one won’t be able to grasp whatever is being taught in the course or class that they are taking.
  • You have to bid adieu to distractions once you sit down to learn online. As online learning allows one to learn from home, sometimes the students get a little too comfortable and lose focus. Never do that.

Do not log into your social media accounts, maintain a distance from Netflix, in fact, you know what? Turn the notifications off until you get done with learning!

The Road from Confusion to Clarity is Called ‘Communication’:

As online learning does not allow face-to-face interaction, communication can be a little difficult. This communication gap can be covered by actively engaging yourself in whatever online class or course you are taking. As there is no one sitting on our heads forcing us to participate like in traditional classrooms, students tend to take it less lightly and prefer not to participate. This is what you must avoid. By participating online, you can evaluate your understanding of a concept and clear your misconceptions. Keep in mind the following:

  • Respect the privacy of everyone. While on an online forum, never share any personal details which were unasked for. Maintain the decorum.
  • The avenue you choose to communicate via depends upon the nature of your communication. If you want to share any personal concerns, it’s rather appropriate to email personally over communicating publicly.
  • Always be clear and comprehensive when you communicate online. Your expressions and tone are not shown so you have to be vigilant with your words only as you might sometimes be misunderstood.

Some Pro-tips to stick by:

  • Taking notes is a strategy as old as the hills. Writing notes enables you to have a clearer understanding of what’s being taught. You can also note down any doubts you have to review them later.
  • Designate a place to learn. A dedicated workstation free of any distraction helps your mind build focus and learn effeciently.
  • Your mind has a saturation point. Once you reach that, it becomes difficult to work. Therefore, always take breaks when you are learning; be it online or any other way.
  • When you find anything worth remembering, bookmark it ASAP, so that you can refer to it in the future.
  • Having a study partner is the best way to keep yourself going. You can clear your doubts on the spot by sharing them with your peers and you also complete your assignments on time.
  • Make use of study tactics such as:
    • Space out your studying sessions. When you give space between your learning sessions, you learn more effectively.
    • Practice over and over and over again. The more you do it the better you remember what you are learning.
    • Read once but effectively. Sometimes rereading is just superficial so it doesn’t really make that big of a difference so just focus best the first time.
    • Assess your knowledge. This will make you aware of your weak spots that you can work on later.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • If you want to be a successful online learner, balancing your school & life is vital. Even when you are studying online, you have to maintain a certain balance. As mentioned previously, stick to the schedule and when you are done studying then stop and get back to life.
  • When studying something new, it might get difficult and you might not successfully learn on the first attempt. When faced with such a scenario, never get discouraged and try again.
  • Make the best use of all the resources available. The discussion board, teachers, or facilitators are there to cater to your concerns. Fellow students can also be a great resource to score tips and help.

In addition, students often wonder, “Can I pay someone to take my online class for me?” If you are one of such students, you don’t need to worry anymore because online services offer such help at a cheap price and with a guarantee for great results.

In Essence:

If you have a passion for learning, you always stay young!

Whatever the situation is, if you have the drive to learn, nothing in the world can stop you. Keep in mind the points mentioned above and get set going.

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