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The Best Software Features for Remote Learning

Since the industrial revolution, the way that humans accomplish things is continuously evolving. We started cleaning our floors with the broom, then the vacuum, and now the Roomba. Note taking was once transcribed on the the notepad, then the keypad, and now the iPad. While the systems that we once used now look different, the tasks they accomplish remain largely the same, just a little more automated.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it – some things cannot be completely automated, and the human learning process is no exception. Time has tested the saying that “practice makes perfect”, and it still rings true in our education. While we cannot download information directly into our brains, we can, however, download software to aid the learning process.

Perhaps one of the largest leaps mankind has taken in education is its now remote accessibility. Gone are the days of needing large lecture auditoriums. Remote learning has been enabled with the world wide web, and a notable leader in the space is LinkedIn Learning.

Data shows that the average age of the online student is now 32 years old, placing them in the market of working professionals. LinkedIn is the software that is built by working professionals, for working professionals, so it is no surprise that their e-learning platform app hit the nail on the head.

Their skill based Learning Paths are broken into bite sized lectures that enable users to learn at their own pace. Another appealing feature is the interactive quizzes that come up between certain chapters.

Perhaps one of the largest selling item though, is the certificate of completion. This is a digital award to the student upon the completion of the course and all of its assessments, exercises and lectures. These diplomas will load right into the user’s profile and can be posted on their timeline as well. As the student, you gain knowledge and share with your network: win-win.

On another end of the Remote learning spectrum, are websites who enrich student life via “gamification” of learning. Duolingo is a prime example of a technology that has captured the minds of millions. The friendly little app holds your language skills and progression on a leaderboard against your friends and the app network. Streaks, scores and records are awarded for learning accomplishments.

A classroom based eLearning software that has grown in popularity is kahoot! The fun trivia style platform allows a user to create a deck of multiple choice questions. Players register via an online key and are given time-based questions on material that is relevant to the course. Anonymous names can be used to keep the pressure of, and teachers receive the stats on answers to gage their students understanding.

While all very different in their offerings, one thing that these platforms have in common is their friendly user interface. There is relatively no learning curve to their operation, rendering them highly accessible to a large market of users. MindK has worked with dozens on EdTech clients on consulting their UI development and been a part in piloting and testing successful launches on the web and mobile application environment. 

A successful product that MindK recently launched was to aimed at the growing demand for web-development education. Enter, WannaBe.Guru, a interactive chatbot that provides students with an interface to study web development at their own pace. WannaBe.Guru saves user information to track student progress, quiz scores and bring the student closer to “guru” level. The gamification of learning paired with the personification of the bot interact with the student in an engaging and dynamic way. The resources supplied to the user are aided by machine learning to stay relevant and on point.

Humans are lifelong learners, it is what makes us who we are and brings us to new exciting stages of life. Gone are the days of leaving our jobs to return to school for a career change. EdTech has exploded with opportunities for the modern student to evolve with their interest in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Perhaps one of the most important developments in remote e-learning platform app technology is the increased accessibility to those who would’ve faced difficulty returning to a classroom. Barriers that existing on financial, logistical, mental and physical planes are no longer as daunting as they used to be. There is truly something for everyone to learn out on the web. MindK looks forward to the new horizon of learning and technology.

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