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The Singapore Student, the Chinese Language,
and Chinese Home Tuition

English is the spoken and written language of Singapore. It is also the medium of education and mainstream media. Because of this, English is a mandatory language class at all levels of the education system. But Chinese is recognised as a mother tongue (for Singaporeans of Chinese descent) and must also be taught as a language class at all levels (Malay is taught to Malays and Tamil to Indians). This means that Singaporean students must take up lessons on grammar, writing, comprehension, phrasing and the like, for two languages.

In a country accustomed to using English as a mother tongue, students learning Chinese can find it, let’s just say, quite a “pain” most of the time. The strokes, phrasing, and comprehension of Chinese can be difficult to grasp if taught too fast. Some students actually find it pointless since they don’t see the necessity of the language in their future. However, many students may realise too late that this complex, problematic, but useful language can have much value not only for their future but in appreciating their roots and identity.

The best solution for students having difficulties in their Chinese class and lessons is for parents to get quality one-to-one personalised Chinese home tuition to improve the students’ language experience. This is more so if the Chinese tutor comes from an experienced and recognised home tuition agency such as FamilyTutor.

A qualified and experienced Chinese tutor will teach and converse in English

The problem with teachers and a few tutors of the Chinese language is that they prefer to do everything in Chinese, including explaining hard topics. Most Singapore students speak and converse better in English, so the tutor needs to exert effort and power to teach and explain things in English before translating them to Chinese. This is a plus for many students to express themselves easier and freely ask questions. Experienced Chinese tutors know that weaker Chinese students will find it difficult at first to fully use Chinese.

Making learning Chinese bearable or even interesting

It’s been proven that students retain learning faster if lessons are interesting, fun, or even exciting. Honestly, this is what Chinese tutors attempt to do with students to make lessons more personalised and interactive. They attempt to make language learning enjoyable so students may retain better and see how Chinese can be useful for the future. The qualification and experience of these Chinese home tutors are there because they have been vetted, interviewed, and selected so they can go one-to-one with their students and provide that amazing learning experience they deserve. These home tutors attempt to find the student’s learning weaknesses and turn them around into strengths. The tutors adapt their sessions to the student’s learning pace, using sample papers and sample tests so the student can also adjust to hard topics.

Private home tutors can influence and motivate students better than their school

Influence and motivation are very important to students, especially at a young age. This is why students look up to teachers, peers, and any adult who can motivate them to do better and influence them toward the positive. This is the influence and motivation Chinese home tutors attempt to impart to their students who have to study and learn from a compulsory subject that most of them hate or are not very good at. Home tutors motivate by encouraging, showing the details behind answers, providing praise and positive feedback when good work is shown, and calmly correcting errors and showing them how to avoid these. This is the treatment that one-to-one Chinese home tuition can provide.

Chinese home tutors from FamilyTutor will show why Chinese is important

The home tutors from FamilyTutor will show, convince, and even exemplify why and how a mother tongue like Chinese can be important for any student’s future, no matter what career they go into. The tutors show how it can be fun to know how to speak and write in two languages, most especially in their professional lives later.

If you want to learn more here about Chinese home tuition in Singapore, if you need the best Chinese home tutors who are best qualified and experienced, if you need to find the best Singapore home or online tutoring agency as shown in the media and reviews, you only need to search for FamilyTutor.

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