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Scott Hughes Is of the View That Joining an
Online Reading Community Goes a Long Way

Scott Hughes

Keeping track of an extensive "to-read" list when you're a compulsive reader is not easy. Because there aren't many novels that will live up to your standards, and even if they do! They are not provided for free. The situation is different at

About, which was established more than a decade ago, is a free service for readers that has existed even before smartphones were created!

This site serves all book fans, with a huge global community of active users. There are nearly a million individuals that are a part of our organization!

The following are the most significant characteristics:

  • Exclusive, one-of-a-kind evaluations written by an experienced review team make it possible to discover hidden gems among the millions of books published each year, making it possible to discover hidden treasures.
  • We provide a free web program called Bookshelves, enabling you to easily and rapidly store lists of books that you have read or plan to read, monitor them, and share them with other people.
  • As a result, it is no longer essential to plan a certain time in your busy schedule to meet with a book club since they now offer Book & Reading Forums as an option. At any time of day or night, from anywhere globally, you may engage in instant discussion about a book you have read with other individuals who have also read the same book as you. Hundreds of thousands of people are constantly welcome in our free, amusing, and very friendly community.

All information is given at no charge to the readers of this publication. The truth of the matter is that OnlineBookClub is not a book store and does not sell books. is a free online community that offers a wealth of free services and resources for book enthusiasts. Come and join us right now! Purchase books from online merchants such as Amazon, which provides a free Book of the Day feature that lets you know about reduced prices on highly acclaimed books available for a short time only to save money on your book purchases. So go ahead and sign up right now; it's easy and completely free.

Almost every day, they send out an email introducing a book that is either free or offered at a substantial discount for a short time only, depending on the time of year. The books in this collection aren't your usual free novels, however. Insider discounts on critically renowned books are currently available at incredible prices. A location where future best-sellers are imagined and produced is the website. As well as offering free daily contests, gives away over $1,000 in prizes every month to people who have signed up for these alerts.

About the creator of OnlineBookClub

The website was created by Scott Hughes, who is also its director. Currently, has over two million members. The first week after his book Achieve Your Dreams was released on Kindle, it got more than 4,000 downloads, rapidly establishing itself as an instantaneous success. Over the course of his career, Scott Hughes has collaborated with over ten thousand authors. His delight, he adds, is to serve as a useful resource for writers and bloggers, business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as for anyone else who is interested in technological advancements, literature, or marketing.

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