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Save That Bread: 5 Essential Tips for
Saving Money in College

save money in college

Money can be hard to come by for a lot of college students who are living on a tight budget. They're always looking for fun ways to save money while getting their education.

If you're one of the nearly 20 million college students living throughout the country right now, you should do what you can to start saving money in college. You can put yourself through school without racking up too much debt if you play your cards right.

Here are five tips to save money in college while still enjoying your time there.

1. Find the Most Affordable Housing Possible

When you're in college, you don't need to live in the fanciest off-campus apartment in town. You're not going to be spending much time there anyway, so why bother renting something out of your price range?

In many cases, living on-campus will be your best option when it comes to saving money in college. Although living in a dorm might not sound like the greatest idea, it'll be cheap and cut out the transportation costs you would rack up while living off-campus.

2. Come Up With a Food Budget—and Stick to It!

As a college student, it's important for you to make sure you're eating enough. You're going to need to keep yourself fueled up for all the classes you'll be attending and all the studying you'll be doing.

But that doesn't mean you should spend a small fortune on food every month. Instead, you should come up with a college student food budget and stick to it to avoid spending too much money on food.

Or better yet, enroll in a meal plan at your on-campus cafeteria and eat almost all your meals there. It'll prevent you from spending an arm and a leg at restaurants and fast-food places in your area.

3. Buy Used Textbooks as Opposed to Brand New Ones

You're obviously going to need to buy textbooks for your college classes. But that doesn't mean you need brand-new textbooks to get a good education.

Try finding used textbooks rather than going with new ones. You can save a nice chunk of change by taking this approach to purchasing textbooks for your classes.

4. Take Advantage of the Amenities on Your College Campus

Most college campuses have all kinds of (free!) amenities that students can put to good use while they're enrolled in school. For example, colleges often have gyms that students can use so they don't have to sign up for a private gym off-campus.

Take advantage of these kinds of amenities. It's one of the best ways to start saving money in college as soon as you begin attending classes at a school.

5. Try Not to Party Too Much

College students spend a lot of time with their heads in books. So it's good for them to let loose on the weekends and blow off some steam.

There's nothing wrong with partying every so often when you're in school. But you shouldn't party every night of the week or even every other night of the week if your goal is to save money.

Going to parties and bars/nightclubs is going to catch up with you eventually. It'll cost a lot of money to do these things and drain you over time.

Use These Tips to Start Saving Money in College

College is expensive enough as is. Don't make it even more costly by wasting a bunch of money while you're away at school.

The money saving tips for college students listed here should help you pad your pockets with more money than you would have otherwise. You'll be surprised to see how easy saving money in college can be when you put your mind to it.

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