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5 Personal Sacrifices Every Adult Wishes
They Didn’t Make In College


A college is a place of great awakening. Suddenly, everything that you have been taught in high school makes sense. You are finally an adult and can be trusted to make your own decisions, even if they are not the best. R-rated possibilities, including booze, partying, and every other fun thing, are now a reality right outside your dorm room.

Most students come into college with a kind of laser focus with a sort of transformative power if harnessed properly. This kind of focus can be seen in how students cut their sleeping times by half and how they spend endless hours on cold library floors trying to perfect their knowledge in certain subjects. This focus -keeping one’s eyes on the prize – is one of the most important components of being a successful student and a professional.

The road to that final prize is often paved with blood, sweat, tears, and personal sacrifices that students feel are a right of passage or duty. And while no success can come without such a cost, the end sometimes doesn’t justify the means. The effect of being fully focused on this success is that most students may end up living in a bubble without looking at the bigger picture.

As most adults who have transitioned from students into the real world come to realize, a lot of what may be disregarded as ‘unimportant or ’inconsequential by students is the dark cloud that comes to a later haunt in life.

Success is great, but it is important to strike a balance to become a well-rounded person with useful and meaningful relationships. Otherwise, that success will be for naught.

Here are 5 things that you should never sacrifice as a student:

1. Relationships

Success later in life won’t matter much if you don’t have someone to celebrate it with or to cheer you on. As a student, your laser focus might make you aloof to your friends and family. You might never have time to hang out, catch up, or do the things you used to do. Naturally, this might be as a result of being in a tough course such as engineering or medicine.

Your family and friends will understand that you have little time to spare. However, the distance will also build if you make little or no efforts to cultivate these relationships until it becomes a giant wall. As a result, you might end up with a cabinet of trophies with no one to share the good fun with.

As any adult might recount, graduations, jobs, promotions, and salary increments are all important events worth being celebrated. However, what personal sacrifices and relationships have been laid on that altar, and is the prize worth it? Most adults will attest that these relationships are often more important than a job or career growth.

2. Your Physical Health

To achieve the goal of being a successful student, you might end up losing crucial hours of sleep, wellness, and rest in the pursuit of exemplary grades and a stellar GPA. Overworking yourself and pulling all-nighters are often glorified in college. The harder you look like you are working, the more your peers and teachers respect you.

“The strength of the youth is his pride,” as quoted from the Good Book. This strength won’t last forever. Those all-nighters and 100-hour weeks will eventually accumulate in your body and start to take their toll on your physical health.

This, coupled with other lifestyle choices like drinking too much caffeine, binging on alcohol, and a lack of proper exercise, will have a detrimental impact on one’s health. If you don’t act on this in time, you will eventually lose something more important than your job or career; your health.

3. Your Mental Health

Health isn’t just physical. Increased pressures on college students due to finances, studying, and their peers cause them to be at a higher risk than other demographic groups of depression, anxiety, and stress. While these circumstances may not be changed at one’s whims, there are certain steps that students can take to reduce the mental pressure. One of these is to talk to a therapist or a mental health expert if the feelings get too overwhelming.

Mental pressures can also be eased by simply freeing up some time on your schedule as a student to do more pleasant activities. One way to do this is to use an expert writing service such as a paraphrasing service. This will allow you to cover more tasks speedily and efficiently and free up time for yourself to enjoy and catch the sunrise.

4. Your Values

“You only have one life to live” may seem like fun when you are young and have got your whole life ahead of you. Those values do start to matter as you grow older and your ideals are shaped. Remember, every decision and action you take may have far-reaching consequences than you imagined. Those crazy and incessant nights out may eventually turn into a habit or an addiction that you can’t overcome easily later in life.

5. Your Talents & Skills

As an adult, it often pains you when you realize that you had this great gift as a young person that you can no longer harness, maybe because of a lack of time, energy, motivation, or all the above. Focus on school and success, but don’t forget to fire up the flames of the real you. You might end up having more success, both personal and financial, when you follow what you love doing. Either that or regret will swallow you up.

It Is Up to You to Make Your Studenthood Count

No single adult has an answer for everything, and no student is expected to be perfect on their way up. These 5 tips should act as a guide on your path to both happiness and personal fulfillment.

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