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How to Make a Resume for a Highschool Student

Highschool Student

We get it. You’re still in high school, but society seems so exciting. So you thought: why not start early and get yourself ready for the real world? That’s why we should talk about how to make a resume for a highschool student.

Some things we will cover in this article include:

  • Different types of highschool resumes
  • How to get started
  • Making up for a lack of experience
  • Portraying yourself as an all-rounded candidate

Know Your Purpose

First thing first, figure out what you are writing. Are you applying for an internship, a part-time job, or putting together a college application resume? When your purpose differs, your tongue and focus change as well.

For example, a resume for a college application should focus on academic achievements and future goals. Meanwhile, a professional resume for an internship requires you to think more about skills and relative experience. 

Use a Free Resume Builder

When you don’t know where to start, look up resume samples. Even better, find an online builder and generate a professional-looking resume. These online tools are usually free and web-based, so they’re useable from anywhere. They come with HR-approved templates that are compatible with online application systems.

We recommend you type all the information out in a word document and then copy and paste each section into the template. Once completed, you can export the generated resume into the required format. You can also add more personal touches in the end.

Focus On Extracurricular Activities

Start building your volunteer experience now, so you have something to add to your resume. Most recruiters will pay additional attention to extracurricular activities when looking at a resume for a highschool student.

If your family or friend runs a business, ask them if you could help out. While it may not count as an official internship, you can use that experience on your resume. Having worked in a real-life setting speaks volumes about your capabilities and potential. 

Talk About Your Hobbies

A resume for a highschool student is less serious. Therefore, you’ll have the room to talk about your hobbies and passions. Just make sure you maintain a good balance and don’t go overboard with things you enjoy doing. Listing too many hobbies can make you look half-hearted and distracted.

A few hobbies that showcase your personality and soft skills are:

  • Creative skills, such as painting and writing
  • Reading, or listening to eBooks and podcasts
  • Sports that require discipline and dedication

Put them in groups so you can talk about how they help you grow and learn without losing track when it’s time for the interview!

Some Final Thoughts

The main difference between a regular job-seeking resume and a resume for a highschool student is the amount of content. As a high schooler, you may lack employment history. Therefore, focus on extracurricular activities like volunteering and contests to make up for the disadvantage. That aside, always use a free resume builder to build professional-looking resumes.

Additionally, if you can’t fill the page up, consider adding a summary and a reference section. Use your favorite teacher or a mentor as your top reference since they can best speak for your integrity.

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