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3 Good Reasons Why You Should Read Books
to Improve Your Mental Health

Reading has been proven effective in providing you with various health benefits. Many people, especially with age, who have a hobby of reading books almost every day tend to have sharpened their memory compared to those who don’t. Reading involves many cognitive activities that are happening inside your brain.

Your eyes perceive the recognizable symbols on any printed materials. These symbols will enter into your working memory to identify them and provide meaning. The brain will process the interpretation of the perceived symbols, and you’ll then receive understanding. The process is so complicated, but it can be understood by looking at this simple explanation.

Hence, reading is an activity that will sharpen your memory and will make your mind healthy. As your brain is continuously and actively working every day, it means that it’s daily exercising, and that’s what your brain needs. If you don’t have a hobby of reading in your lifestyle yet, read the details below to know the good reasons to start reading books today.

Easy to Access

It has been a good idea to incorporate a hobby of reading books as part of your daily lifestyle since books are easy to access. If you don’t have any book yet, you can go to the nearest bookstore to purchase one that might interest you. You may also visit any websites online to download electronic books or eBooks.

eBooks are usually in pdf format that doesn’t consume much of your device storage. That’s why it’s so convenient to download eBooks to your smartphones. You can also convert pdf to word if you find it convenient using your laptop or desktop computer. The good thing about using electronic books is that it’s more convenient than using a physical book. Imagine reading eBooks on your phone. You can access it anytime and anywhere.

Offers a Wide Range of Options

Just like watching movies, books also have a wide range of options. There are many book genres that you can choose. It could be fiction or nonfiction books. You might like nonfiction books that include art, biography, autobiography, history, and many others. On the other hand, the genre of fiction books includes drama, love story, horror, comedy, fantasy, mystery, and many others. 

These are some options for books that you can choose. If you have a list of favorite genres of movies, you can also find them in the form of books. Since books have a wide range of options, this is a good reason why you should start incorporating a hobby of reading in your lifestyle to make your memory healthy.

It’s Fun and Stimulating

Reading books is a fun activity that you can do anytime and anywhere during your free time. When you’re reading an exciting story, you'll never notice that time runs so fast. An activity that consumes much of your time means you enjoy doing it. That's why many bookworms spend most of their time reading. When they get hooked to the story, they tend not to stop until they reach its last page.

Besides being fun, reading books is also a stimulating activity for your cognitive capabilities. As recently mentioned above, reading is a good and healthy exercise for your brain. It makes your neurons active and function well every day. Hence, constant reading will give your brain cells a daily workout to become healthy, and consequently sharpen your memory.


Reading is an activity that has always been worth your time. If you haven’t included reading books as part of your lifestyle, today is the best time for you to start. Remember the compelling reasons for reading books discussed above so that you’ll have things to consider when finalizing your decision. Begin your reading journey now, and you’ll consequently notice and enjoy having a healthy mind and sharp memory.

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