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How to Choose the Best Online Platform
for PTE Exam Preparation


If you are a non-English speaker and you want to study abroad, then this article for you.

A non-English speaker should clear the PTE test for getting approval to study abroad. And PTE is the Pearson Test of English. Top institutions like Stanford University and Harvard University takes admissions based on the PTE score. If you want to get admission to top abroad universities, you must write the PTE exam. Though PTE sounds easy, the exam needs intense attention. It is always practical if you have a perfect platform to guide you through the learnings. So, now you might get an awareness of why you need a mentor to clear the PTE exam.

How to choose your PTE coaching center:

Before enrolling in a PTE coaching center, there are few things you need to consider. And here in this section, we’ll guide you completely.

There are four main objectives you need to consider before choosing a PTE coaching center.

  • Online mentoring: Your coaching center shouald have the option for online mentoring. In this way, you can always stay on the learning path even if you are out of the station.
  • Knowledge: Before teaching you something, the institute should have knowledgeable mentors. The mentor should have a vast knowledge about the PTE exam.
  • Know the practice session: Before choosing one coaching center, you should know the practice sessions they provide to their students because anyone can teach things. But only an expert coaching center can provide interactive practice sessions. This is the most important part that a student should consider before choosing their coaching center.
  • Self-realization: The mentors should be capable of explaining to the student where they are standing in the learning process. At the same time, the approach should be optimistic. 

Above mentioned objectives might sound so common, but they are more important. A coaching center should set up a student’s mindset. As said earlier, teaching can be done by anyone. But only an expert can train the student with both the learnings and the mindset.

Know the kind of mentor you need:

  • With your institute, you should get experienced mentors.
  • Know what kind of strategy the mentors in the institute use. In this way you will get to know if you are compatible with the coaching method.
  • Your mentor should ensure that they are providing the customized syllabus. Because each student has their strengths and weaknesses, some might be weak in lessons, while others are strong.
  • To fix that, the mentors should analyze the student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide an actionable study plan.
  • Making the student take action should be the primary intention of the mentors in the institute you choose. And in this is why you can choose your best PTE institute.

How should the PTE training be?

  • The mentor should do the training with a single objective. And the aim should be to make the student take actionable steps towards their end goal.
  • Equal importance should be given to speaking, writing, reading, and listening.
  • The training should involve real-time examples. In this way, the training gets more valuable.
  • Along with the modules, personal development sessions should also be conducted.
  • Customized guidance should be given to each student based on their strength and weakness.

Added value:

The institute should give the added value like,

  • Unlimited doubt solving sessions
  • Unique teaching strategies
  • One on one focused sessions for students
  • Crisp and easy to learn the study material
  • Regular tests and guidance on improvement
  • Individual attention to the students

An institute with the qualities mentioned above can assure the students of a happy and valuable learning experience. Hence, it is more important for the student to go through these things to choose the best PTE institute.

We believe the information given here helped you in choosing your best PTE institute. There are many PTE Coaching Centres in Chandigarh, where from where students can get training to clear their exam. So, before choosing your institute ensure your institute checks in all these points. We wish you all the best for your abroad education journey.

About the author:

NK Dhamija is an educational consultant having 10+ years of experience in the education field. He likes writing and guide students with his writing skills to clear their exams & live their dream of studying abroad.

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